Call for residency



CHRONIQUES has signed an artist exchange and workshop-residency agreement between Quebec and Marseille in the field of digital arts, under the auspices of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, in order to encourage the exchange of different artistic points of view and the establishment of lasting links between Quebec artists and writers and artists and writers in France, and thus contribute to the development of the artistic approaches of these creators.

On the strength of the first year of cross-residency, we are embarking on this second year in the same way. As part of this exchange, a French digital arts curator or artist will be able to spend 2 months researching and reflecting on digital-related themes.
The residency is taking place at Productions Recto-Verso, which organises the Mois Multi festival in Quebec City (QC-CA). In return, a Quebec artist or curator will be welcomed to Marseille by CHRONIQUES as part of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques.

Areas concerned

Digital and hybrid arts, curating, visual art

Target candidates

Artists and/or curators with at least two years’ experience in the field.
artistic practice.

Duration of stay / amount of grant

The stay will last eight weeks, between January and February 2025, depending on the organisation’s availability. The scholarship is worth €5,500.

Reception conditions

Pendant la résidence à Recto-Verso, sous la responsabilité de l’organisme, un
artist’s studio, located in the Méduse cooperative, is provided free of charge to
the selected artist or curator. Depending on the development and
the project’s needs for workshop space in the cooperative’s members’ homes,
will be reserved by Recto-Verso in the name of the selected artist.

The location

Productions Recto-Verso is a forum for expressing the changes taking place in contemporary artistic practice, encouraging innovation and risk-taking. They support research, creation and the dissemination of multidisciplinary arts. Active and committed to artists and the Quebec City community, Les Productions Recto-Verso works within a national network.
and international. A benchmark in support for creation and distribution
of avant-garde artistic practices, the organisation is also an important
the nerve centre of a vast international contemporary art network.

Productions Recto-Verso produces and co-produces works that
merge artistic practices, languages and processes on the theme of the
based on scenic, sensory and technological experimentation, by
as well as offering a programme of artistic residencies focusing on multidisciplinary research and creation. They produce the Mois Multi, an international festival of multidisciplinary and electronic arts, which hosts and presents avant-garde productions by artists from Quebec, Canada and abroad.

Charline Clavier


Profiles: Professional artist or curator

To be eligible, candidates must :

  • Declare yourself a professional artist or curator;
  • Practice in France and have been resident there for at least one year;
  • Créer des œuvres ou pratiquer un art à son propre compte, moyennant
    remuneration, as a creator or performer, in the fields of digital and hybrid arts and visual arts;
  • Be engaged in ongoing artistic research or practice;
  • Disseminate or publicly perform works in venues or contexts recognised by their peers.
    A group legally constituted as a company or partnership, whether for profit or not.
    Projects carried out as part of a school programme.
    Incomplete applications.
    Projects requiring more production than research activities

Amount of the grant

The amount is €5,500.

Expenses covered by the grant :

The grant awarded will enable the successful candidate to cover the costs of their personal insurance, travel, living expenses and the costs of carrying out the project. the successful candidate undertakes to book his/her own transport.
It is also his responsibility to obtain all documents
necessary for their stay abroad, including a visa if required by the host country.
Applicants are not required to submit a detailed budget in support of their application.

Assessment of demand

Criteria :

  • Quality of research and artistic work
  • Interest and relevance of the project
  • Project feasibility

Process :

All applications are assessed on their merits, on the basis of the objectives and evaluation criteria specific to the various components of the residency.

Response time :

If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive a reply by e-mail with a document describing all the terms and conditions relating to the use of the grant. If the application is refused, the applicant will also receive the decision by e-mail if possible.

Presentation of the request

Registration deadline: 3 August 2024

Contents of the file :

  • A covering letter outlining: the project; the expected benefits of the project
    your work and your career; the reasons for choosing this residence
    in particular for your project.
  • A portfolio of your projects
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A press kit

To be sent to :

If you have any questions:

For this first edition, the selected artists are Quebecer Olivier Girouard and Frenchman George Félicité.


In December, the artist Olivier Girouard left Marseille after 2 month with us After numerous visits and meetings in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Brussels and Marseille, Olivier’s research into sound in VR will now continue in Quebec.

Composer, artist, sound designer and artistic consultant, Olivier Girouard is a prolific on- and off-stage performer. His interactions with different art forms have led him to question the way art is presented. He acts as artistic advisor on a number of diverse projects (installations, scenography, design, sound design for the performing arts) and directs the Ekumen organization, which examines the environmental impact of art. He creates works to embellish and transform public space, trying to define what it means to live together.


In early 2024, Georges Félicité will take advantage of his residency at Recto-Verso to continue his work on heritage and identity, and to take the pulse of the cultural dynamism of the Quebec art scene during Mois Multi.

“From her Provençal and Reunion heritage, George Félicité explores notions of ancestrality, community and transgenerational healing. His art unfolds through performance, drag, clothing design, the creation of magical artifacts, video, poetry and song.”