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Created in 2018 and organized by CHRONIQUES – a project of the associations Seconde Nature in Aix-en-Provence and ZINC in Marseille – the Biennial of Digital Imaginaries is the highlight of digital arts and culture in the southern region. Exploring the visual arts, the sound arts and live performance, the Biennial takes an interest in the presence and use of digital and new technologies in art, invests the public space and gives a voice to national and international artists from different horizons..

So, every two years, and in preparation for the next edition of the Biennial of Digital Imaginaries, CHRONIQUES renews its support for the production and distribution of original works through the production platform, supported by the Région Sud, the city of Marseille, the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and theInstitut français in Paris.

The CHRONIQUES CREATIONS platform brings together operators in various fields of culture (visual arts, live performance, music, audiovisual, virtual reality, etc.) who are committed to supporting artists who exploit and question new digital technologies.

This commitment and collective work allows us to be agile in our support of works for which we think about the ecosystem of projects with a distribution plan that can be sustained by partner venues.

From two categories in 2018, the CHRONIQUES CREATIONS platform has expanded its selection to three categories: creations in all disciplines, Regional Emergence, and creation in public spaces.

Some fifteen works from a variety of disciplines are supported in production and distributed at each biennial event.

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