These projects are co-financed by the European Union (Creative Europe).

Realities in Transition (RIT) is an international community that aims both to explore and support alternative extended reality (XR) productions, and to experiment with new narratives and creative processes.
RIT aims to build a strong and independent European creative and activist XR community, a think-tank for current and future challenges in the digital sector.

Digital Inter/Section (DI/S), a European project for digital art and cultural organizations. DI/S aims to explore new business models for cultural organizations in the digital arts sector and at European level. This project aims to diversify the revenue sources and business models of these types of organizations, and to promote sustainable, ethical and inclusive economic growth, while sharing tools with the CCI sector to increase its economic resilience.

Future DiverCities is a project that seeks to reimagine the cultural regeneration of vacant urban spaces in a participatory way. The project develops cultural approaches to enhance and preserve the ecological value of unused vacant spaces in 9 European cities: Berlin, Zagreb, Split, Liepaja, Kuopio, Marseille, Florence, Timi┼čoara and Athens.