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Throughout the year, the CHRONIQUES team works to bring together digital artistic and cultural practices for an ever-growing audience, around exhibitions, creative workshops, masterclasses and professional meetings.

Against this backdrop, the CHRONIQUES CAMPUS program is designed to put higher education and research players in the South of France in touch with players in the cultural and creative industries. Primarily aimed at students and their teaching teams, this innovative, themed program offers pre-professionalization in the field of digital arts and culture, highlighting the potential of digital factories such as schools, universities and research laboratories, as well as the creative minds and entrepreneurs who frequent them and who will be tomorrow’s collaborators.

Animated work
Working in 3 areas


Supporting the discovery and practice of digital arts and cultures by offering students original content

Exhibitions, Masterclasses, Workshops, Inspiring encounters…


Boosting inter-sector collaboration for creativity by combining different training paths

Tech, Code, Art, Film, Science, Design, Tourism, Dance, Philosophy, Sport…


Facilitating links between students and the various players in the creative industries

Artists, Digital creators, Companies…

2023 – 2024 PROGRAM

In 2023, artificial intelligence, metavers, parallel, augmented and virtual worlds take over the program, and CHRONICLES Campus gives pride of place to immersive experiences and alternative realities.

Mixed reality (XR)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) open up new artistic perspectives. We propose to introduce students to these technologies and encourage them to create their own projects.

In AR, they’ll discover artistic experiments by exploring environmental filters and overlays. In VR, they’ll create immersive worlds, exploring the challenges of interactive design and storytelling. Between AR and VR, students will experience XR fully and develop their creativity and understanding of these new forms of immersive artistic expression.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Give your students the chance to discover and implement AI, explore its cultural, scientific and technical context, and learn about its ethical issues. They will experiment with generative AI platforms in the fields of image, music and text, fostering collaboration and creativity. Accompanied by inspiring artists, this theme will enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of AI and practical skills for using it creatively in their field of study.

Video Mapping (interactive)

For this visual art form that combines video projection and interactivity, your students are accompanied in discovering and learning video mapping techniques, to experiment with the creation of projections on three-dimensional surfaces and understand the possibilities of interaction with the audience.

Through experimentation, collaboration and creativity, students develop new technical and artistic skills while pushing the boundaries of visual expression. A creative field in full expansion, which we make accessible to students through the prism of artistic discovery.

Sound Creation (Landscape)

The sound dimension of digital and audiovisual creations is essential to instill a sense of immersion.

Have your students explore soundscape practice and create the soundscape of a unique space, focusing on the interaction between sounds produced by living beings and those of machines, to better understand the impact of sound on the human experience and the natural environment.

Creative and Inspiring Capsule :
2 preferred intervention formats

For a reinvented exploration of a technological subject alongside a specialized digital creator

Inspirational capsule

Duration: 1 day

An inspiring, accompanied first approach to exploring digital arts and cultures.

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Deliberately very short, the inspirational capsule meets a need for a simple, accessible intervention for students of all levels. This format offers an experience combining an inspiring encounter with a digital creator to discover and reflect on a technology or technique, followed by hands-on time for concrete, direct experimentation with the subject.

  • 1 Inspiration module, with digital designers sharing their experiences and putting the subject into perspective with current events.
  • 1 Experimentation module, focusing on creative and technical practice

Creative capsule

Duration: 4 to 5 days

A progressive and ambitious multi-day approach to digital arts and culture.

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This format is a time of advanced creativity, focused on the collaboration of participants under the technical and artistic guidance of the speakers. It offers the opportunity to explore a subject from theory to practice, by getting to grips with digital creation tools, with the aim of prototyping and/or distributing the projects produced.

  • 1 Inspiration module, with digital designers sharing their experiences and putting the subject into perspective with current events.
  • 1 module Design and support for writing project(s).
  • 1 Production and prototyping module
  • 1 module Pitch presentation, broadcast, discussion with the jury

Example of intervention

Video MappingOur first inter-company Creative Capsule

40 students from 3 Chroniques Campus partner schools took part in a creative workshop to discover and experiment with video mapping, under the guidance of artists Gwladys Bernard and Cyril Méroni.

The participative work created by all the students was presented at the Friche Belle de Mai, during the opening evening of the 3rd edition of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques.

Example of intervention

Réalité virtuelle – The Creative Capsule for sound creation in VR

20 students from the Acoustics and Musicology master’s program at Aix-Marseille University took part in a 4-day workshop to discover the challenges of sound and music creation for Virtual Reality.

Accompanied by Gad Baruch Hinkis, from the PatchXR studio, participants imagined and prototyped musical and sound experiences for virtual reality.


Every two years, CHRONIQUES produces a new edition of the Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, making it a key event in our region’s digital arts and culture, but that’s not all…

The CHRONIQUES Campus program has been tinted in the colors of the Biennale, and becomes the gateway for students and teaching teams to take advantage of this major event, with a customized itinerary for higher education and participation in the various highlights of the event. The Biennale becomes a major moment in the Campus program, and in the artistic and cultural digital discovery of students in our region.

Between two Biennials

In addition to this event, CHRONIQUES is continuing its program of monographic exhibitions, artistic encounters and practical activities for the general public, in order to keep in touch with the public and continue to highlight digital arts and cultures.

Co-written program

INVENT -Since 2021, CHRONIQUES CAMPUS has been an open and innovative program, designed as an intersectoral approach, with direct collaboration between the establishments that wish to be part of it. INITIATE – WORKING TOGETHER

To set it up, the CHRONIQUES CAMPUS community identifies the needs of each establishment involved in the project and proposes a tailor-made program, to the benefit of all.

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