SECONDE NATURE and ZINC are digital imagination incubators that have been working for several years towards fostering and promoting contemporary creation, advancing the understanding of the world in the digital age, and helping audiences appropriate technologies to develop their creativity and emancipation.

The two associations organise the Biennale of Digital Imagination, whose third edition will be held from November 10, 2022 to January 23, 2023. After having explored the theme of Levitation during the first edition, then the concept of Eternity, the topic that will be explored is Night in 2022.

THEME 2020


12 nov. 2020
17 jan. 2021

It is a paradox of our times that aspirations to immortality are nourished by the advance of molecular biology, while the signs of the foreseeable collapse of our civilisation have never been more alarming.

Progress, which for so long has been considered as the expression of a collec- tive dream for a better world, has become a symptom of contemporary fears.

production platform

Rather than suppressing our concern, we have decided to assemble artists and audiences to create understanding and emotion through contemporary art, in order to consi- der new, still to be invented, post-lockdown worlds.


As you know, CHRONIQUES, the Biennale of Digital Imagination, has chosen to make a very large part of its programming free of charge, whether for installations in public spaces, exhibitions, workshops or performances. 

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