Does my project correspond to these calls for projects?

These calls for projects are aimed at artists using or questioning digital practices. Thus, pictorial or plastic artworks that do not fit into these logics have little chance of fitting into the global aesthetics of the Biennale and thus of being selected.

I have a project already completed that corresponds to the theme, can I present it to be programmed in the Biennale?

Yes, please fill in this form.

Are French artists eligible for the “International transdisciplinary creation” call for projects?

Yes, “confirmed” artists are invited to present their works in this call for projects, young artists (under 35 years old) from RĂ©gion Sud are invited to present their works in the call for projects “Regional emerging creation”.

Can you help me to prepare my application?

No, unfortunately we can’t take on this role. If you need help on this subject, you can contact an association or a production office.

Do I need to have an executive producer?

Yes, except for the “Regional Emerging Creation” call for projects. The executive producer will be our main contact for the administrative and financial aspects of the project. It is understood that if the artist directs his or her own company, the company is considered as the delegated producer, so the platform team will have a specific contact person for administrative and financial matters.

What are the terms of the residency?

The residency will be discussed during the selection jury. The relevance of the residency will be evaluated, then the dates and locations of residencies will be communicated to the selected candidates on a case-by-case basis. Please specify in your application the reasons why you would need a residency prior to the distribution of your work.

I already have exhibition dates planned for my work, is this a problem?

No. Please send us the dates and locations already scheduled for your artwork.

My files are too heavy to be uploaded on the website, can I send them by email?

Yes, you can send them to candidature@chroniques.org, specifying the name of the project and the name of the artist with whom you have applied.

What is the average amount of the co-production contribution from Chroniques?

For the 2020 edition, the average amount of co-production support from Chroniques was 7,500 euros per project.