Digital art, higher education and research

Every two years, CHRONIQUES brings together the international ecosystem of digital art and culture with exhibitions and cultural activities, creative workshops, masterclasses and professional meetings.

CHRONIQUES Campus aims to foster links between higher education, research, students, directors, teacher-researchers and companies, creative industries, artists and digital creators and to promote the emergence of innovative projects in student entrepreneurship and digital artistic and cultural creation.


To work together to invent cross-innovation measures for business creation, education and student employability.

To organize private tours of exhibitions for students and their teachers, privileged meetings with artists and digital arts professionals, workshops led by artists, thematic round tables, student-business speed-meetings…

Subjects discussed :

  • digital art and culture to enrich educational content and school programs (ex: classroom interventions, workshops…)
  • the link between students, tech companies and the creative industry sector 
  • the development of international structures (partnerships with schools, universities, foreign laboratories already working with the CHRONIQUES Biennale)
  • inter-sector collaboration (Tech, Code, Art, Graphics, Dance, Philosophy, Sport, Tourism…)
  • the establishment of a higher education and research prize with a grand jury during the 2022 CHRONIQUES Biennale 


  • students/student-entrepreneurs
  • educational teams & researchers
  • representatives of creative industries

CHRONIQUES CAMPUS is an opportunity to reveal the potential of digital creators such as schools, universities and research laboratories, that of the creators and entrepreneurs who attend them and who will be our future contributors.


Led by a community of higher education and research stakeholders, CHRONIQUES Campus includes a number of establishments that are involved in or revolve around the project.

Calendar of Events

April 2021
  • Creation of an online collaborative platform
  • First drafting of a student workshop for the 2021-2022 academic year
May 2021
  • AR/VR Day at 6MIC (Aix-en-Provence)
  • Discovery of the new VR School and Perspective company
  • Exhibition and immersive experiences visit
  • Meetings with the artists
  • Meeting with the Digital Art Club
June 2021
  • Group tour of Guillaume Marmin’s exhibition (Marseille)
July 2021
  • Sprint Campus Day (Marseille)
September 2021
  • Presentation of the 2022 CHRONIQUES Biennale to students in relevant establishments
October 2021
  • Digital October Visit (Arles)

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