Does my project correspond to this call for projects?


This call for projects is aimed at artists who have already exhibited at professional artistic events. In addition, your creation must make use of the unique language of the digital, or present a critical viewpoint on the challenges facing society in the era of new technologies. So paintings or analogue photographs are unlikely to fit with the overall aesthetic of the biennale.



I have a project which is already made that corresponds with the theme; can I apply for it to be programmed in the biennale?


Yes. To do so, please send us by email the following information: artistic video application and photos of the work, transfer price and technical data sheet. We need these documents because without this information, it will be impossible for us to imagine how your work could fit in as part of our event.



Can you help me put together my budget?


Unfortunately, we can’t take on this responsibility. If you need help with it, we advise that you contact an association or a production office.



Do I absolutely have to have a producer?


Yes for the calls for projects International Transdisciplinary Creation and Public Space.

No for the calls for projects Emerging Regional Creation and Artistic Scientific Technological Creation but you can specify if you have supporting structures.



Are photography projects accepted?





What are the terms and conditions of the residency?


The residency will be discussed by the selection jury. They will assess the pertinence of a residency, and the location and duration of the residency will be communicated on a case-by-case basis to the selected candidates. Please specify in your application the reasons why you would need a residency in advance of showing your work.



I already have exhibition dates planned for my work, is that a problem?


No, that’s not a problem if the dates are after the jury in october 2019; please send us in the application the dates and venues which are already planned for your work.



For the call for projects Artistic Scientific Technological Creation, is the artist expected, at the application stage, to have already made contact with one of the neuroscience labs ?


No, you are not expected to have contacted them, but just to have a well developed plan for working with a laboratory or researcher.
Two options:
You have chosen a specific theme and know one or more researchers in Marseille who can work in partnership with you.
Or you can just indicate the field of neuroscience that interests you and NeuroSchool will find you one or more suitable partners in the Marseille/Aix neuroscience laboratories.



For the call for projects Artistic Scientific Technological Creation, who pays the lab and researchers ?


The selected researchers agree to devote part of their time to the development of the work. They are therefore paid by their employer, namely Aix-Marseille University, the CNRS or Inserm. The duration of their involvement in the project will depend on the nature of the collaboration between artist and researcher.



Can I apply with an existing work ?


You cannot apply with an existing work, the calls for projects are reserved for original works but if you have a proposal that you want to send to the event organisers, you can send it to the email [email protected].



Do I have to specify the technical assistance and equipment I need in my budget ?


For all technical assistance and equipment, you must specify what you need in your application and we will discuss with the partners' residency the options of technical assistance and equipment.



When will the work be exhibited ?


The work will be presented at the Autumn 2020 Biennale in Aix-en-Provence or Marseille with a possibility of distribution in the South of France in 2021.



What does the co-production contribution of the platform cover ?


The co-production contribution of the platform may be dedicated to any item of expenditure necessary for the production of the work. It also includes the artist's fee for the first diffusion and the transport cost during the residency. The transport cost of the work and the people during the Chroniques distribution will be in Chroniques budget.



What is the role of the producer ?


The role of the producer is administrative and financial, it is for example he who takes care of the artist's purchases and expenses, it is not Chroniques who takes care of the artist's cash flow.



For the Public Space Creation Call for Project, do I have to specify the georaphical space desired ?


You can specify the type of space desired. There is no pre-selected location. Nevertheless, we can tell you around which Chronicles geographical area will be concentrated.

In Marseille : From Vieux-Port to MuCEM, Centre de la Vieille Charité, Palais de la Bourse, Opéra

In Aix-en-Provence : Allées Provençales, Rue des Allumettes, Place des Prêcheurs



Can I apply without all supporting documents ?


Yes, you can apply and send us all the supporting documents before the 20th september.




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