Levitations exhibitions course

10 November 2018 – 9 December 2018

Suspended Experiences #3

Maxime Damecour – Yoann Ximenes

Christophe Monchalin

Des tentatives de s’extraire de la gravité terrestre, aux poésies cosmiques, découvrez un ensemble d’expériences artistiques, en suspension.


Temps!Réel – cinetic installation

Maxime Damecour


This platform allows to animate various elastic materials and apply film like effects in real-time. The sculptures are formed from materials such as thin aircraft cables or plastic meshes driven by software and hardware of my own design. The result is material in motion that creates a very sharp blur with reality





Muted – VR

Christophe Monchalin


Li, 5 years old, and Sai, 7 years old, are two girls placed in an orphanage. Since they were abandoned, Li remains mute and Sai locks herself into work and studies. In the face of adversity, they bond like sisters and invent a sign language to communicate. But one day Sai has to leave the orphanage and abandon Li. About twenty years later, when Sai defends her thesis in physical sciences, her past comes back violently and, for a moment, she loses consciousness…. Muted is a virtual reality installation that leads us through Sai’s past during her loss of consciousness. It will be experienced as a weightless fall, tumbling through the branches of her memories.






La symphonie des vagabonds – A/V Installation

Yoann Ximenes


In ancient astronomy, the Greeks called “planet” a wandering star, as opposed to fixed stars. The seven wanderers that were known then were the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Since then, the word “planet” has travelled down the ages to refer today to a star revolving around a sun and receiving its light.






Maxime Damecour

Maxime Damecour is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal. He is passionate about following his curiosity and often inspired and enabled by utilizing things in ways other than intended. He is member of the artists run centre PERTE DE SIGNAL.


Christophe Monchalin

Christophe Monchalin is an artist and motion designer, based in Brussels Graduate engineer in computer sciences and robotics (IMERIR / France), he develops his digital work through visual and interactive art. His artistic research explores mainly human feelings and behaviours.In parallel, he studied Chinese medicine in China and he is a graduate acupuncturist from Beijing academy of Chinese Medicine in 2011. Today, all of these experiences feed his artistic approach.



Yoann Ximenes

Yoann Ximenes is a visual artist. His approach includes both a creative dimension and an important theoretical research. For the artist, those two aspects are inherently linked and their combination generates the dynamic allowing him to develop his artistic creations. His work, at the crossroads of contemporary science and visual and sound arts, explores the transcription of sound and vocal elements into sculptural forms and graphic outlines to reveal at best their performative dimension.






Production Chroniques – la plateforme 

Visuel©MUTED- ChristopheMonchalin-DR



Free entry



Visite libre du lundi au samedi de 8h30 à 18h.
Fermeture de l’exposition le 15 décembre.



Le lieu 9 – Office de Tourisme – Aix-en-Provence

52 Rue Cardinale, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France