Created in 2018 and organized by CHRONIQUES – a project of the associations Seconde Nature in Aix-en-Provence and ZINC in Marseille – the Biennial of Digital Imaginaries is the highlight of digital arts and cultures in the South region. Exploring visual arts, sound arts and live performance, the Biennial is interested in the presence and use of digital and new technologies in art, invests the public space and gives voice to national and international artists from different backgrounds. 

In preparation for the 2024 edition of the Biennial of Digital Imaginaries, CHRONIQUES renews its support for the production and touring of original artworks through the production platform, supported by Région Sud, the City of Marseille, the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and the French Institute in Paris.


Studio Martyr (Adriane Breznay & Julien Ticot-Guillet) – visual arts and performance

Donatien Aubert – visual arts

Ugo Arsac – visual arts

Valentina Peri – visual arts and curatorial research

Marit Westerhuis – visual arts

Sébastien Robert & Mark IJzerman – live audiovisuals

Nina Gazaniol-Vérité – visual arts

Aki Ito & Jean-Philippe Lambert – sound creation in public spaces

Thomas Laigle – sound creation

Eric Arnal-Burtschy – performance

Simon Lazarus – sound installation

Júlia Lema Barros – installation in public space

Boris Labbé – visual arts and virtual reality installation

Adrien M & Claire B – Installation-experience


The CHRONIQUES CREATIONS platform brings together operators from various fields of culture (visual arts, performing arts, music, audiovisual, virtual reality…) who are committed to supporting artists who use and question new digital technologies.

This commitment and this collective work allow a certain agility in the accompaniment of the works for which we think about the ecosystem of the projects with a touring plan sustainable by the partner places.

From two categories in 2018, the CHRONIQUES CREATIONS platform has expanded its selection to three categories in 2020, then four categories in 2022.
Thus, more than ten works are accompanied in production on the occasion of each biennial.