professional meetings


For this particular 2020 edition, we wanted to propose to cultural and creative industries professionals who can, to see us “in real life”, within the limits of health constraints.

This in order to live a different, atypical collective experience, with the active involvement of a large number of teleparticipants from all over the world prevented from joining us.

Sabrina Calvo (FRA)

Sabrina likes to invent fantastic, quirky and always poetic worlds. She has been living in Hollywood for a few years, writing for magazines (POMO Frag, Disneyland Babylon and Animation Blast). She is a prolific writer, her work deals with the role of imagination in our societies, and the resurgence of mystery in our lives. She has been collaborating on the Wakfu project, owned by Ankama studio, and working for Tru Love and Dontnod Eleven as a writer and a narrative designer. Far from preconceived views on video games, Sabrina proves that they are a new extension to litterature, movies and comics. In 2017, she finishes the novel Toxoplasma, an apocalyptical thriller on the basis of B-movies and political science-fiction.


Thierry Fournier (FRA)

Thierry Fournier’s work extends to the frontiers of the living to address questions of otherness, in the broadest sense: installations, objects, networked pieces, websites, videos, prints, performances. He is also an independent curator, editor and teacher. An architect by training (a graduate of the École nationale supérieure d’Architecture de Lyon), he was born in Lyon in 1960. He lives and works in the Paris area.

Laurent Pernot

Born in 1980, Laurent Pernot currently lives and works in Paris.  Having graduated from the University of Paris 8 and the Fresnoy studio national, he has created a polymorphous work that explores memory through the experience of the flux of time, the impermanence of things, appearances and disappearances.  His research often borrows ideas from history, poetry, philosophy and science, in an approach that questions the nature and fragility of living things. His work has been exhibited at the Miro Foundation in Barcelona, ​​the Sketch Gallery in London, the Louis Vuitton Cultural Space in Paris, the Palais de Tokyo, the Maison Rouge, the Grand Palais, the São Paulo Biennale, the Centre Pompidou, the MMOMA in Moscow, the Delacroix museum, the Mac-Val and Voyage à Nantes. His works can be found in museums, foundations and private collections around the world.

Jeanne Susplugas (FRA)

Committed, Jeanne Susplugas’ approach takes on all forms and all strategies of confinement. She pursues questioning the relationships between the individual and itself as well as with the others, while facing an obsessive and dysfunctional world. She explores different mediums – drawings, photographs, installations, sculpture, sounds, films – as many languages that enrich one to another to create a singular aesthetic, attractive in appearance, moreover quickly disturbing and creaky. A multifaceted, transversal work, very coherent and precise that places the viewer in front of contradictory sensations – troubled and reassured, worried and serene. Her work has been widely shown in France and abroad.

Chloé Jarry (FRA)

Chloé Jarry is the co-founder of the immersive and interactive productions company, Lucid Realities. Previously, she has been New Media Producer at Camera Lucida, where she has been working on major interactive projects for over 8 years. Jarry is the Executive Producer of The Enemy, a Virtual and Augmented Reality project directed by Karim Ben Khelifa, that has been premiered at the Arabic World Institute in Paris, in May 2017, and has been presented at the MIT Museum in Cambridge (Ms) during three months at fall 2017. She is also the Executive Producer of Replay Memories, a web-VR project by Gordon and Andres Jarach. Lucid Realities has recently launched several new VR projects, as 1, 2, 3 Bruegel, Condemned to play or Claude Monet – The Waterlily obsession, showcased at the Musée de l’Orangerie and more than 10 different museums around the world. Lucid Realities is also the line producer of Endodrome, an art VR piece by the French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, showcased at the Venezia Art Biennale 2019, and sponsored by Vive Arts.

Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff (FRA)

Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff is a french visual artist whose creations of optical and digital artworks, sometimes interactive, often immersive, express dreamlike worlds crossed by a contemplative and ecological relationship of nature and elements. The artist creates spaces for sharing his feelings about the “forces” of the world: dreams, energies, materials, technologies. Refusing to place himself in the field of the Kantian sublime, he positions himself at the place of wonder and infantile craze, as if to claim the part of the dream that we develop as a child. In 2016, his work “ljós” is nominated to the International Digital Art Prize, Prix Cube. In 2017, he presents his first solo exhibition “Inlandsis” at the cultural center of Gentilly. Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff lives and works in Paris. His works are exhibited in numerous festivals and venues in France and abroad.

Diego Ortiz (FRA)

Diego Ortiz is a Franco-Colombian artist born in Cali, Colombia in 1980. He lives and works in Marseille. His work questions the relationship between reality and fiction, through the creation of interactive dispositif and projects that offer singular relational contexts. 

Fabien Léaustic (FRA)

Born in Besançon in 1985, Fabien Léaustic has the particularity of being a graduate of both an engineering school and the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. With the support of the DRAC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, he exhibits his work in France and abroad, in institutions (Palais de Tokyo, CENTQUATRE Paris, Center des arts Enghien les Bains, Casa de Velazquez Madrid, FRAC Franche-Comté… ) and in independent structures (Vasarely Aix-en-Provence Foundation, Espace Pierre-Cardin Paris, etc.). After two years of residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris, Fabien Léaustic continued his research within the SACRe doctoral program (Sciences, Art, Creation, Research) funded by PSL (Paris Sciences Lettres). Fabien Léaustic lives and works between Paris and Lons-le-Saunier in the Jura.

Jesús Tamez-Duque (MEX)

Jesús Tamez-Duque is an Interdisciplinary Artist + Tech. Developer based at Aix-Marseille (France) and currently developing installations and projects within the EU, China and México. Exhibiting first in México, his early museum-based installations integrated neuroscience to explore unconscious connections to art pieces, immortalizing and sharing aesthetic responses to pleasing interactions. Pieces quickly thereafter increased in complexity, interactivity and deeper integration of scientific concepts + tools. His work is based on the principles that sciences are types of art, that new technologies are to be treated as evolutions of artistic media, that the century 21.2 calls for art which is lived and not simply witnessed, and that art is ultimately created by the audience or « interacteurs »; the three main points of what he calls « Art du papier ».


SU Hui-Yu (TWN)

Su Hui-Yu obtained an MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2003, and has remained active in the contemporary art scene ever since. Su is fascinated by the intricate tapestry interwoven by images, media, history, and daily life. In his videos, he explores both mass media’s impact on viewers, and the projection of viewers’ thoughts and desires onto media. Recently, Su’s interest in old books, from which he re-reads, revises, and appropriates texts for his work, has led him to a new understanding of physicality, existence, and history. His work has been exhibited at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, MOCA Taipei, Double Square Gallery, Tina Keng Gallery, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, San Jose Museum of Art in California, Herbert F. Johnson Museum at Cornell University, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Casino Luxembourg and Power Station of Art in Shanghai.

Jeff Hsieh (TWN)

Artistic director of Anarchy Dance Theatre. Hsieh’s works are composed of a special texture derived from his background in architecture, possessing strong structural characteristics—a creative perspective combining time, space and energy. Notable choreographic works include The Eternal Straight Line (2019), Second Body (2015) and Seventh Sense (2011), all of which feature a strong element of interactive dance performance. In addition to receiving great public acclaim, his works have also been featured at numerous prominent international festivals, including Ars Electronica, TodaysArt Festival, and George Town Festival. The dance-installation series You Choreograph and Exercise done in collaboration with fellow choreographer I-Fen Tung and Ko-Yang Chang, further pushes the boundaries of expression in dance beyond conventional “performance”.

Grace Huai-Chin LEE (TWN)

Hosting VR FILM LAB project at Kaohsiung Film Archive, award-winning producer Grace has been working in XR field since 2018. Including coproducing VR content internationally, programming XR section for Kaohsiung Film Festival, she has maintained connections with international film festivals including Venice, Tribeca, Newimages and many XR related institution. 

Yi-Jung CHEN & Danieo CHEN (TWN)

Yi Jung CHEN is a creator of movies and visual arts. In 2012, she became an independent film director and has been focusing on her drama creation. In 2015, she founded Hana Studio de Création Audiovisuelle Indépendant in Taiwan, together with some passionate image professionals who are committed to all types of videos such as documentaries, experimental, commercial and drama films, using state-of-the-art techniques. In 2019, for Taiwan Public Television Service, she produced an experimental documentary Outside the Path and began to use the VR 360 technique in the sports experimental documentary film shooting. She would like Dora to be her first VR drama short film. Danieo Chen is a producer at Redbit Pictures, a creative film company founded in 2011 in Taipei that produces creative short and feature films as well as VR projects. He belongs to a generation of emerging Taiwanese directors and producers who hope to create different films with their unique world view.

Cathie Boyd (UK)

Cathie Boyd (Irish) has worked in the arts for 30+ years having spent 20 years as a stage director for opera, visual music and film with work in 25+ countries including Peak Performances, Montclair, USA; Singapore Arts Festival; Latvian National Opera; Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam & South Bank Centre, London. Boyd set up Cryptic in 1994 to create innovative performances that would ‘ravish the senses’ & has successfully transformed the company into a producing art house, presenting the next generation of Scottish & international talent.  She created the  Sonica Glasgow  Festival in 2012 presenting ‘sonic arts for the visually minded’.

Ela Orleans (UK)

Ela Orleans is an electronic sound and visual artist, performer, academic and cinematic composer based in Glasgow. Her work fuses elegant, noir-ish laments, lush and atmospheric fractured narratives with influences ranging from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to the Éthiopiques series and Bernard Herrmann film scores. Since her solo debut Low Sun/High Moon in 2008, Orleans has received international critical acclaim for her growing catalogue of work. Subsequently, Orleans has toured across the UK, Europe, USA and Canada, performing work at MoMA PS1, New York; MoCA, Massachusetts; The Venice Biennale and TATE Britain. She has worked on several albums, film soundtracks plus theatre and opera works.

Clara Chabalier (FRA)

Actress and stage directress, Clara Chabalier works in particular with Ivana Müller, Dieudonné Niangouna,Roméo Castellucci, Jean-François Peyret, Laurent Chétouane, César Vayssié… With Compagnie Pétrole, she creates transdiciplinary projects that combine theater, visual arts and music around authors such as P.P. Pasolini, E. Jelinek, or mythical texts like « Alexandra » by Lycophron or « Kalila wa Dimna ». She conducts a research about living arts and new technologies. 


Nicolas Dupont (FRA)

Nicolas Dupont is a french author and transmedia director working in Marseille with Tabasco Video, an organisation producing participatory video projects. He has specialized in interactive storytelling, and lead Tabasco Video towards thoses new kinds of narrative design, still having in mind the best ways to tell a territory by involving its inhabitants. A few interactive and geolocalized projets have been made with “FRIGG”, a free and sel-produced online solution.

Véronique Béland (CAN)

Born in Quebec (Canada), Véronique Béland has been living in France since 2010, where she graduated from the Studio national des arts contemporains le Fresnoy (Michael Snow Promotion, 2010-2012). She also holds a masters in visual and media arts from the Université du Québec at Montréal. Her practice, which gravitates between media arts and literature, focuses on elusive phenomena on a human scale, in a constant attempt to explore what seems empty to reveal its content. Through various protocols of transcoding, which convoke both the worlds of art and science, her works seek to create contact between the perceptible and the imperceptible, from which a certain form of narrative emerges.

Rémi Large (FRA)

As a former dancer and documentary producer, Rémi always tried to understand the specific language of every art before committing to immersion. He created in 2017 Tamanoir Immersive Studio, based at Le CentQuatre (Paris, France), which produces storytelling experiences combining the living arts and new technologies for cultural institutions like the National Opera of Paris, CentQuatre-Paris, France TV…

Samuel Arnoux

Attracted by artistic creation for many years and driven by the desire to share it, Samuel Arnoux committed himself very early on to promote encounters between artists and audiences. After contributing to the creation of the Pont Supérieur (a higher education organization for artists in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire), he continued his professional career in the Scènes de Musiques Actuelles (SMAC) network where he contributed to the development of the MAPL association in the Lorient region before taking over the management of the Cordonnerie in Romans-sur-Isère. In 2020, Samuel Arnoux joined the Electroni[k] team, organizer of the festival Maintenant, with the desire to extend and strengthen the work committed to contemporary creation at the crossroads of arts, music and technology.

Ludivine Pangaud (FRA)

Graduated in administration and cultural economics in Paris and Buenos Aires, Ludivine first worked for the production of the Philharmonie de Paris’ touring exhibitions, then as Administrative and Financial manager at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, before joining the Centquatre-Paris team to handle the production and administration of Nemo Biennial of Digital Arts. She also teaches exhibition administration in the Master’s degree in Cultural and Digital Economics  at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. 

Alain Thibault (QC-CA)

Curator and artistic director in the fields of digital art, electronic music and sound art, Alain Thibault is the founder of two major events in Montreal, ELEKTRA and the International Digital Art Biennial. Also, as an electronic music composer, his work has been disseminated in Quebec (Canada) and internationally.

Charline Dally (QC-CA)

Through her practice, Charline Dally proposes reflections on the perception of reality – especially on the redefinition of boundaries between bodies and landscapes. Using the qualities of video, she aims to soften the gaze to make it evolve beyond the surface that holds it. Her work has been presented at MOCA (Toronto), festival MUTEK, Place des Arts (Montréal), Noviembre Electrónico (Buenos Aires), Les Abattoirs – Frac Occitanie (Toulouse).

Marie & Pierre Chaumont (QC-CA)

Litote is a collective exploring innovative organizational approaches. Consisting of Marie et Pierre Chaumont, they have joined their expertise in 2020 to further their research on visitor’s participation and presentation techniques. Marie Chaumont is the founder of SpeakArt, which focuses on offering free or fully paid residencies for artists, and is the director of SpeakAIR, a funded web residency highlighting artistic process. Pierre Chaumont is an award-winning conceptual artist who has exhibited in biennales and festivals around the world.

Camille Montuelle (QC-CA)

After a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and art history, as well as a master’s degree in culture and communications in France, it is in 2015 that Camille gets acquainted with the digital art world by getting involved with Le Fresnoy (Tourcoing, FR) and ELEKTRA. In 2016, she joins perte de signal as the Head of Communications and Mediation. She is also in charge of the KidZlab program and activities with young audiences set up by the artist-run center. She addresses digital mediation through an intuitive and artistic approach that involves audiences in a concrete way.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Plenary Conference 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

From the amphitheater of the Verrière d’Aix-en-Provence, Céline Berthoumieux and Mathieu Vabre, co-directors of the CHRONIQUES Biennial, invite professionals from the cultural sector to meet. Welcomed by an original performance created by the (LA)HORDE collective – director of the CCN Ballet national de Marseille – with the jumpers, they will attend IRL and an online dialogue between Sabrina Calvo (writer, game designer, cartoonist and scriptwriter) and Marie Picard. Audrey Tang (Minister of Digital of Taiwan) will also speak from Taiwan, as well as other partners and collaborators of the Biennale.

Replay : FR / EN

International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMAN) 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Following the model of the ELEKTRA Festival’s, CHRONIQUES renews its International Digital Arts Marketplace, inviting various cultural actors to present their work. Presentations, animated by Mathilde Nourisson-Moncey, artists Thierry Fournier, Laurent Pernot, Jeanne Susplugas, Chloé Jarry, Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff, Diego Ortiz, Fabien Leaustic and Jesus Tamez-Duque.

Replay : FR / EN

Workshops 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Moderated by Marie Picard on the themes of governance, creation and dissemination, as well as new economic models.

Friday, January 15, 2021

International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMAN) 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

This day puts Taiwan and Quebec in the spotlight. Presentations, hosted by Mathilde Nourisson-Moncey, of artist SU Hui-Yu, artistic director of Anarchy Dance Theater HSIEH Jeff, director of Kaoshiung Film LEE Grace, artist CHEN Yi-Jung and her producer (Redbits Pictures) CHEN Danieo, artistic director and founder of Cryptic Cathie Boyd, artist Ela Orleans and actress and director Clara Chabalier.

Replay : FR / EN

International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMAN) 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Presentations, animated by Mathilde Nourisson-Moncey, of the transmedia author (Tabasco Vidéo) Nicolas Dupont, of the artist Véronique Béland, of the producer (Tamanoir Immersive Studio) Rémi Large, of the director of the Electroni-k association Samuel Arnoux, of the production manager (Biennale des Arts Numériques NEMO) Ludivine Pangaud, of the director (ELEKTRA Montréal) Alain Thibault, and of the artists from Québec Charline Dally, Pierre Chaumont and Camille Montuelle.

Replay : FR / EN

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Conference ” The arts, the living and the city ” 10:00 am – 12:00 am

Online conference involving four partner cities of the European project T-factor. Sharing stories about these urban regeneration experiences moderated by Karim Asry and Eva Riccio (T-factor project) with Caterina Taurelli (curator at Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence), Colette Tron (Friche La Belle de Mai – director of Alphabetville, Marseille), Lucas Evers (head of programme, Waag, Amsterdam) and Mick Finch (professor of visual art practice, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins).

Replay : FR (only)

Conference 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Online conference « Create to the world that comes: from fiction, imaginary, narratives” moderated by Joan Pronnier (COAL), around a great witness Sabrina Calvo and the artists Stéfane Perraud, Eva Medin and Paul Duncombe.

Replay : FR (only)

Conference 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Online conference “Awakening our sensitivity to life: from plants, landscapes, soils” moderated by Anne de Malleray (Revue Billebaude), around a great witness Emanuele Coccia and artists Abdessamad El Montassir and Elise Morin, accompanied by the scientist Jacqui Shykoff.

Replay : FR (only)

Performed conference 5:30 pm – 5:45 pm

Around the work of Mickaël Cros “UBM Junior”.

Replay : FR (only)