Presentation of the Digital Art Club Crush Prize – the Business World Award for Digital Art in Public Spaces

The region’s political, economic and artistic decision-makers met for the presentation of the Digital Art Club Crush. In the current health context, the CHRONIQUES Biennale offered an interlude which was at once dreamlike and stirring.

Patronage means giving back a part of the wealth we’ve created to generate emotion and meaning, to share and connect with others.” Jean-Luc Chauvin – Sponsor of the Digital Art Club Crush, and President of the Aix Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Innovation, President of the association of metropolitan CCIs.

As soon as they arrived, the guests were able to experience Guillaume Marmin’s Passengers, which reflected the façade of the Vasarely Foundation. An immersive and aural work, like a time capsule, the work moves through viewers as they move through it, uncovering a disturbing digital dimension. Symbolising concepts of before and after, Passengers set the theme for a day devoted to transition.

Inspiring and meaningful speeches were given, asserting the resilience of the Chroniques Biennale, the Digital Art Club and the whole region in the face of the challenges of the post-pandemic world.

After the speeches, the guests visited the Biennale’s exhibitions in Aix, held at 21 bis Mirabeau and at the Galerie Zola.

“Our ambition is to accompany the area’s inhabitants and professionals in building an inclusive and sustainable common digital culture.” Alexandre Contencin, CEO Marsatwork, President of the Digital Art Club.

Warm thanks to:
– Jean-Luc Chauvin, President of the Aix Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Innovation, President of the association of metropolitan CCI
– Isabelle Campagnola Savon, Regional Counsellor in charge of the Economy and Businesses, Vice-President of the Economy, Industry, Innovation and Digital Technologies Commission, Marseille City Counsellor, Metropolitan Counsellor of the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolitan Area
– Dominique Augey, Deputy Mayor of Aix-en-Provence, in charge of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Regional Counsellor, Member of the “Economy, Industry, Innovation, New Technologies and Digital” Commission
– Olivia Fortin, Deputy Mayor of Marseille, in charge of the Modernisation, Transparency and Co-Production of Public Action and Open Data,

Were all present to express their support and commitment to the Club members.

Published on 15th of January 2021