Parity, inclusiveness, diversity: ambitions and actions

SECOND NATURE and ZINC have been involved for more than ten years in supporting artists who are under-represented because of their gender. But until now, we have not brandished this as a feat of arms, it is rather in our DNA and has always driven us. True to our commitment, we wish to achieve parity for the next edition of the CHRONICLES Biennial in 2022, parity between male and female artists who will be represented.

With this in mind, we encourage women artists and gender minorities to apply, as it is difficult to achieve parity in the programming or selection of the works we produce when nearly 65% of the proposals we receive are from men.

As a reminder, in response to the call for projects that we launched in 2019 for the production of multidisciplinary works, out of the 203 applications received, only 75 were submitted by women or women’s collectives, compared to 128 by men or men’s collectives.

This observation and this will led us to take the decision to dedicate the call for projects for live audiovisual creation to women and gender minorities or to parity collectives. In this way, we hope to achieve a better gender representation at the time of project selection. 

Also, as the music and audiovisual creation sectors have been involved in this issue for a long time, we are counting on our calls for projects to be relayed by entities and institutions identified with these issues.

We are aware of the difficulties of the representational missions we have set ourselves. The answers we have given are perhaps incomplete or divisive, but we assume this attempt while remaining attentive to the artists and professionals of our sector in order to improve and progress together towards a more inclusive culture that is representative of society in its diversity.