Emma Terno


Production CHRONIQUES 2020

Wonderbox is a new typology of live performance. Choreographic, sound, immersive and with a
varying length. It borrows codes from escape games and anthropologic experience.

Wonderbox is a multi-sensorial interaction based on the power of revaluation in the audience’s
decision-making power. Through a labyrinthine journey as well as a live stream video projection,
the choices and relationships modulate the outcome of the play.

Making alternative futures coexist, dark side of a fictional History reenacted during the
performance. Futures which are brought to us through snippets of movements, clichés and
objects. The spectator is free to intervene, to use them and to attune their presence to the pace
of the escape game, whose resemblance with our reality is unsettling.

The audience, lead by three performers, will experiment the Wonderbox paradox:
challenging our shared resilience, sometimes chaotic, maybe harmonious, but always possible,
towards which the performance attemps to create the tools to provoke it.

© Fanny Terno

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Emma Terno

Emma Terno explores the daily rituals, their ceremonials as well as their modulations through the virtual expansion. The inspiration of new technologies raises other questions on our body heritage and the fabulous mechanism of body mouvements is what drives her researches.

Choreographer, dancer and visual artist, she submits these choreographic routines to acoustic and virtual techniques in order to confront ourselves to our habits and sensations. The body as an experimental laboratory, where ideas and work of people from different fields and cultures meet.

Native from Monaco, she attended the Villa Arson (Nice, France) and then received a Bachelor’s degree in Visual arts from ECAL (Lausanne, CH) and a Master’s degree in Scenic Art Practices from the HKB (Bern, CH). Alongside her studies, she graduated from the Music Academy Rainier III in Monaco in electro-acoustic. Her work has been shared on various platforms in France (Plateforme chorégraphiques 2017, Festival Sobanova en 2016 / Paris) and in Europe (Skilt Festival / Berne, Festival Racconti di Altre Danze / Livorno). During the 2019/2020 season, she took part in the LIPS Laboratory at GRAME (Lyon, France) as part of the Lips Laboratory, as part of the BiME (Biennale des Musiques Exploratoires).

Credits & mentions

In co-production with the CHRONIQUES platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region, the city of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris, coordinated by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.

Coproduction : Scene 44 . n + n corsino.
A project hosted in residence by le Ballet National de Marseille – Centre chorégraphique national, Arsud – Région Sud and KLAP – Maison pour la danse.

Performeurs : Fanny Alton, Marine Constant, Maé Nayrolles.