War Zone

Nicolas Maigret


War Zone explores the military background of mainstream technology.

In this video work based on historical facts, the artist reconstitutes three missile trajectories with a subjective camera angle using Google Earth. These familiar images from space become almost abstract and this vision of Earth invites us to some sort of reverie, at least of escape.

War Zone, Nicolas Maigret, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Nicolas Maigret (FRA)

Nicolas Maigret exposes the inner functioning of the media by exploring their dysfunctions, borderlines, and breaking points. He carries out this exploration using critical, ambiguous and immersive experiences. He launched the working group disnovation.org with which he has carried out a body of research into the “propaganda of innovation”. He teaches at Parsons (Paris) and co-founded the collective Art of Failure in 2006.

Credits & mentions

Conception : Nicolas Maigret (Disnovation.org)
Programming : Ivan Murit
Year : 2014