The spectator can see from far away the silhouette of a planet, projected on a large wall.

This image seems familiar: a crescent of light on a perfect sphere, it must be the moon.

As he gets closer, he discovers details of craters, irregularities made of fine shadows and reliefs. Once close and observing attentively, he recognizes the contours of continents, seas and oceans. What remains are traces of disasters, the monochrome reveals the absence of an atmosphere, the disappearance of the oceans.

It is up to the viewer to imagine what lies behind this view of an inert planet.

The artist invites us to think about a possible future. 

Joanie Lemercier - View from the Moon
Joanie Lemercier – View From The Moon – 2020 – © Gwendal Le Flem
Joanie Lemercier - View from the Moon
Joanie Lemercier – View From The Moon – 2020 – ©Juliette Bibasse

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Joanie Lemercier (FRA)

Joanie Lemercier (b. 1982) is a French visual artist and environmental activist whose work explores human perception through the manipulation of light in space. Working primarily with light projection and computer programming, Lemercier transforms the appearance of everyday objects and forms, bending reality to his imagination.In recent years, Lemercier has become increasingly concerned with climate change and environmental degradation, lending his projection skills and artistry to activist causes and groups such as Extinction Rebellion as well as developing a new body of work, The Hambach forest and the Technological Sublime which looks at the devastating effects of coal mining on one of Europe’s oldest forests.

He has been working with projected light since 2006 and co-founded the acclaimed visual label AntiVJ in 2008. Represented by a New York based gallery since 2010, Joanie founded his creative studio in Brussels in 2013.
Lemercier has focused his practice on installations and gallery work and has since been exhibited at the China Museum of Digital Art in Beijing, Art Basel Miami, Sundance Film Festival, Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid and collaborated with several sound artists: Murcof, Flying Lotus and JayZ.

Crédits & mentions

Creation : Joanie Lemercier

Production : Juliette Bibasse