quiet ensemble


Unshaped is an organic installation in continuous movement, an underwater landscape, a stormy sky, a wave and then again a cloud, water and air, light or heavy.

An orchestra of lights floats in the space transforming volumes of the amphitheater in a sort of aquarium in which water and air dance, among reflections and shadows, multiplying and disappearing, in a fragmented and stroboscopic eclipse. Unshaped, a prayer written in the technological language, offering the visitor the vision of a sort of a chamber aurora borealis in a mystic transcendental key. 

A Kubrickian hallucination, if you like, realized thanks to the fluctuating play between the imponderability of the form, never the same, and he dramaturgy of lights, strobes and the sound of the fans, in a vision that is at times shocking and phantasmagorical.

© Quiet Ensemble

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Quiet Ensemble (IT)

Founded in 2009 by Fabio di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli Quiet Ensemble, generates audiovisual performances and installations by capturing the essence of various objects and creatures ranging from goldfish to pineapples to clouds. The research of Quiet Ensemble goes through the observation of balance between chaos and control nature and technology creating subjects that merge those elements that take form from the relation between organic and artificial subjects focusing on insignificant and wonderful elements like the movement of a “y or the sound of trees. 

Celebrating the “invisible concerts” around us every day, Quiet Ensemble strives to reveal hidden or often overlooked aspects of the environment around us.

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