ÜBM Junior


Interactive installation

ÜBM Junior is a mysterious electrical-vegetal creature the size of a baby. Installed in an incubator, this hybrid being waits for the time of care. How does it perceive its environment? What does it need to live? Let’s get closer…

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Michaël Cros (FRA)

Born in 1972, Michael Cros lives and works in Marseille, France. Transdisciplinary artist, he combines puppet art, contemporary dance and digital art in his work. His creations materialize on stage, on screen or in the form of an exhibition. Graduated from the Fine Arts of Marseille and Lyon, he joined La Méta-Carpe in 2003.

Year after year, he developed technical skills linked to the mediums he uses. He also acquired expertise in directing artistic projects and in implementing collaborative and creative processes, notably with the TJP CDN of Strasbourg-Grand Est and its Rencontres Internationales Corps Objet Image. Influenced by the Ecological Humanities, he affirms the art-science dimension of his creations by inviting anthropologists, ethologists, and philosophers to join his artistic teams. Because sharing knowledge is important to him, he often invites different types of audiences: children, students, disabled people, amateurs of all ages, to contribute in his artistic reflections and actions.

For more than ten years, a figure has regularly returned in his work, made up of hybrid, mechanized, and vegetal bodies: the Dark People. In a more and more worrying environmental context, he questions with these strange creatures our human condition, as well as our links with existing others, whatever their scale. Between threatened species, would there be a common future to invent?

Credits & mentions

ÜBM Junior artistic team:
Michaël Cros, coordinator artist
Sylvain Delbart, digital scenography
Benjamin Gibert, sound design
Rodrigo Morales Pomarat, designer and fab lab engineer
Mario Mathis, set builder
With the support of:
Sandra and Gaspard Bébié Valérian in Ganges
Maxence Grugier and the Shadok Team in Strasbourg

Thanks to:
Researchers Alice Lenay and Igor Deschamps
Engineers Germain Brugnon, Louis Louche, Maxime Malgrat, Benjamin Maury and Julien Sipra for the development of BB Sombre in 2011
The TÊTES DE L’ART team and Louise de Marrillac School in Allauch
Benoît Degrave and La Ligue de l’Enseignement du 04
Agnès Chaoul and the Terminale bac pro GMNF 2019-2020 class at Carmejane agricultural school in Digne
Pierre Teuler and the Seconde 2019-2020 class at Lycée Pierre Gilles de Gennes – general and technological high school in Digne Les Bains
Renaud Herbin and the TJP CDN Strasbourg-Grand Est team
The AADN team and the Salle des Rancy in Villeurbanne

Ardenome and Le Totem, Avignon
Théâtre Massalia and CHRONIQUES, Biennale des Imaginaires Numériques, Marseille

Supports and partnership:
DRAC PACA and Rouvrir le Monde
COAL – vivant, une saison culturelle de la biodiversité

Residency support:
Dans les Parages, Marseille
Les Ateliers Eclairés, Strasbourg

Administration and development:
in’8 circle