Tipping Point


Plastic artwork

In 2014, the glacier named Okjökull passed out due to the climate change. It’s the first Icelandic glacier to disappear. This disapperance marks a tipping point, since we estimate that the glaciers located in our lattitudes should loose 80% of their mass of ice by 2100. Two billion of people will be directly impacted by the disappearance of these glaciers.

The installation Tipping Point is a sensitive and poetic tribute to those dying glaciers. It stages the (re)birth of an artificial glacier protected by a dome; a drip is feeding the glacier that will grow during the exhibition. The device invites the viewer to attend the birth of this artificial glacier. It is inspired by the “ice stupas” invented by the engineer Sonam Wangchuk and used to fight against water shortages during the summer in Ladakh.

Between a laboratory experiment, an attempt to repair the climate or an ironic collector’s item, the installation confronts us with time and scales ;  10,000 years ago, the stabilization of our cryosphere coincided with the firts human traces we found in Mesopotamia, while the fist glaciers are disappearing in 70 years under the pressure of the human activity.

© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD

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Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff (FRA)

Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff is a french visual artist whose creations of optical and digital artworks, sometimes interactive, often immersive, express dreamlike worlds crossed by a contemplative and ecological relationship of nature and elements. The artist creates spaces for sharing his feelings about the “forces” of the world: dreams, energies, materials, technologies. Refusing to place himself in the field of the Kantian sublime, he positions himself at the place of wonder and infantile craze, as if to claim the part of the dream that we develop as a child. In 2016, his work “ljós” is nominated to the International Digital Art Prize, Prix Cube. In 2017, he presents his first solo exhibition “Inlandsis” at the cultural center of Gentilly. Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff lives and works in Paris. His works are exhibited in numerous festivals and venues in France and abroad.

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With the support of the Maif Social Club and the precious helpt of ZINC, Mod’Verre and Réso-nance Numérique.