The unauthorized portrait of F.



F. is a young man recording his memories so that an avatar can pass them on to future generations. Why does he want to «live forever»?

The director, who couldn’t get in touch with F., recounts this missed encounter. He substitutes the presence of F. by that of a memoji and sketches his portrait from clues collected on the internet.

© Pierre Gondard
© Pierre Gondard

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Quentin Lannes (FRA)

Quentin Lannes is interested in the issue of traces – digital or analog – that we produce more or less deliberately and that we leave behind. He is attentive to the evolution of the technological apparatus that produce them and to the uses that they induce.

Lannes has made the a portrait of a man developing his own memorial avatar, based on publications he found of him on the internet (The unauthorized portrait of F). He has followed the trail of ghosts inhabiting obsolete digital devices (Racing a Ghost). He has also studied the circulation and identification of images on the web and within second-hand networks (Christiane ou La Maison). With Cassandre Poirier-Simon, he has led a reflection on the use of personal assistants in creative fields (Amorce). These projects are imbued with a form of melancholy that could be labelled as “digital spleen”.

Quentin Lannes was born in 1989 in Évreux, France. He lives and works in Lyon.

Credits & mentions

Written and directed by Quentin Lannes.