the moon also rises

Yuyan wang

Portrait of an active community,
available and connected

The Moon Also Rises portrays a nocturnal community based on overpowered efficiency – a community active, available, connected, where the mysterious zones are replaced by a homogeneous brightness.

Under the authority of everlasting lights, it’s rooted in the capitalist myth – the immateriality of the new technologies and tries to trace the “light” back to its terrestrial origins.

© Yuyan Wang

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Yuyan Wang (CN)

Born in 1989 in China. Lives and works in Paris (FR). Yuyan Wang’s work oscillates between film and installation, often taking an immersive perspective. Her works focus on the mutation of elementary materials and examine the industrial production chain of images with its endless development towards an abstraction of reality.

Crédits & mentions

Designer sonore: Raphaël Hénard. Projet soutenu par la Fondation des Artistes, Berlin Biennale, Scam, Triangle – Astérides, Petit Chaos.