Hybrid installation

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

This immersive and evolving work is connected in real time with The Crystal & the Blind [part I] which is on display at Fresnoy,Studio des arts national de l’art contemporain, in Tourcoing.

This ecosystem operates on different scales; interactions take place at the microscopic, macroscopic and regional levels. Observing it enables the reordering of memory and imagination, summoned by an artificial intelligence to extrapolate a new narrative. Through it, the present moment crystallizes the memory of this microcosm, as well as its future. The installation transcends time and distance, and enables entry into a state of observation.

As passive spectators, faced with this world in incubation, we contemplate its autonomous ecosystem, continuously writing itself. Through these different reflections, the work raises issues related to agriculture in space: how can life be recreated in confinement?

Practical information


09 nov. – 15 déc. 2018

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Hugo Deverchère (FRA)

Driven by an almost scientific logic, Hugo Deverchère’s work proposes a set of experiences which serve as ways to question and evaluate our relationship to the world. Whether based on narratives, collected data, captured, manufactured or simply found images, his research uses digital representation, transposition and transformative processes which illuminate phenomena, events and sto- ries whose intangible nature is always subject to doubt and uncertainty.


This installation is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Coproduction Chroniques, 3bisF
With the support of the Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains and the participation of DICRéAM.

Distribution : EDIS Ardenome – Avignon