Tentativo di Volo



Gino de Dominicis simply observes that, if Man can swim whereas he’s not a fish, he must be able, in time, to fly.

He’s thus been repeating the exercise seen on the video for three years, and seems to accept that he’ll never make it. But if he convinces one of his sons to keep on training, who convinces his son in turn, and so on, maybe one of descendants will discover one day that he can fly.

Tentativo di volo, Gino De Dominicis, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Gino de Dominicis (ITA)

Gino de Dominicis (1947-1998) was one of Italy’s most revered and mysterious post-war artists. His main themes included space, immortality, and the hidden nature of objects and of matter, while his work remained unwaveringly enigmatic. Though associated with the Arte Povera and Transavanguardia movements, he preferred to reject them to remain a solitary and stoutly independent artist.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam.