Kinetic platform

A DIY enthusiast, Maxime Damecour brings together mechanics and matter to animate this poetical installation.

Just as we can modify a movie by manipulating the film during its editing, we can alter a material that seems solid. This animation causes a strange sensation, allowing the artist to question our relationship with reality

Temps!réel, Maxime Damecour, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Maxime Damecour

A multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Maxime Damecour calls himself an “audiovisual supermedia artist”. He is passionate about open source and tinkering with technology, promotes the use of free software, and is the co-founder of a hackerspace. After studying cyberarts at Concordia University, he became a member of the Perte de Signal (Loss of Signal) artist centre and works on numerous projects, blending sound, movement, mechanics, plastics and light. 

Credits & mentions

Airline compatible kinetic sculpture by Maxime Damecour
All effects are visible to the naked eye, without heavy flickering.
Production : PERTE DE SIGNAL/ nnvtn.ca