temps plein (de nuit)

Marc buchy

Learning and performative sleep

This work presents the documentation of a performative action performed by the artist : sleeping on imposing books that his daily life does not leave him time to read.

While the version “(of day)” took a form evoking a clock of factory in which the artist came to insert the marks pages of read books, that “(of night)” comes to reactivate a distant memory of childhood lavished by his close relations: “if you do not have time to revise your courses, slip them under your pillow”.

Behind the absurdity of the action performed is the idea of a permanent link between life and work that would be extended by the use of sleep time as potential work time. If sleep is essential as a process of regeneration and memorization, it also seems to be one of the last spaces of total freedom, even though it is undermined by the generalized extension of capitalist logics, as the essayist Jonathan Crary underlined in 2013 in his book 24/7: Capitalism’s assault on sleep

© Marc Buchy

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Marc Buchy (FR)

After a bachelor’s degree in photo-video at the Institut Supérieur des Arts de St Luc in Tournai (2010) and a master’s degree in visual arts at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels (2012), Marc Buchy (1988, Fr, lives and works in Brussels) completed his studies with a post-graduate degree from the IHEAP in New York (2015). His protean work, between performative actions, protocols and constructed situations, is a reflection on the cognitive capitalism characterizing our time. He has participated in group exhibitions in Belgium (Société, Centrale for Contemporary Art, Centre de la Gravure de la Louvière, ISELP… ) and internationally (Friche Belle de Mai (Marseille), In Extenso (Clermont-Ferrand), CAN (Neuchâtel) Material (Zürich), The Others Art Fair (Turin), Galeriji SC (Zagreb), Antena (Chicago)…) and has also been the subject of monographic exhibitions (BPS22 (Charleroi), Nei Liicht (Luxembourg), among others).

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Livre, sommeil performatif, documentation, 2022.