Nonlinear Science: Chaos

TSAI Yi-Ting


“Nonlinear Science: Chaos”, along with the series of works:“Weightlessness”, “Acceleration”,, “Somewhere in time”, “Chaos”, bases itself on the laws of physics, drawing an analogy between life and mechanical devices in perpetual motions.

The artist engages contemplation on the existence of human beings via a scientific approach. Through a miniature mechanism, a mode of operation of the world and between lives are presumed, in which a more macroscopic imagination for the history of an infinite process amidst the relationships of time, space, the world, and humans is proposed, conjecturing the induction process of unpredictable life into laws.

The tension between motion and motionless of an object becomes a bizarre status out of the hovering power. The generation and stagnation of energy stays in the little spaces-time of the object. Pure physical phenomena and arithmetic of mechanical movement are employed in rebuttal of the very definition of life here: “existence is here and now”, “the reason of humans lies in the difference from mechanism”, “what drives us”, and “Chaos, in search of an order amidst the disorder.”. From a microscopic point of view, the linear time given in the artwork demonstrates the chaotic state of life that is random and unpredictable. Nevertheless, in the repeated process of nesting, the artist found these unpredictable paths of life may potentially exist in a larger order and amidst a nonlinear relationship.

© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD

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TSAI Yi-Ting (TWN)

A new media artist, TSAI Yi-Ting looks for a constant state of life in motion in mechanical devices, rationally handling the labor and alienation processes of human existence. With a chill, poetic approach, TSAI Yi-Ting deems the absolute precision of mechanical movement as an abstract language, conveying a living philosophy. Like a physics experiment, she seeks to make assumptions proposed under the non-linear logic self-defined. Further, amidst the macro and micro rumination over humanity in the space-time, the artist explores the medium of light and shadow that is an intangible existence.

Recognized by the NTUA Outstanding New Media Art Award and the Top Prize of the 14th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award, TSAI Yin-Ting was also invited to NEU NOW of the European League of Institutes of the Arts at Amsterdam. TSAI Yi-Ting harnesses mechanical elements as her creative medium and as a deeper inquisition into the meaning of life. Channeling her creative force of art, the artist instills energy of life into machines via the dynamics produced out of the combination of precise components and repetitive mechanical motions.

Credits & mentions

This project is kindly supported by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.