Amélie Bouvier

Drawings on canvas

«Serapis» is a series of drawings on canvas inspired by a visit at the Harvard glass plate collection : While looking at photographic plates of the night sky taken at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century, the artist became even more interested in the plates that were classified as too damaged to be of use. While the data was no longer readable, these objects still attested to a history of research. The work evokes the disappearance of irretrievable data and memories throughout our history.

In this work, Bouvier traces the lingering shapes of harm and loss in pigmented ink over veils of gesso and gouache on raw canvas. Suspended on steel supports, the canvases take on a translucid quality, allowing new shadows to emerge on their back sides, while along the edges, panels of gesso have been used to blot excess ink from her pens.

© Adriaan Hauwaert
© Adriaan Hauwaert

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Amélie Bouvier (BE)

The artistic practice of Amelie Bouvier builds from historical research in the field of astronomy to question issues related to cultural memory and collective heritage. Astronomers in particular, and scientists in general, don’t only explain the world, they also represent it through the construction of diagrams, illustrations, photographs or equations. For Bouvier, scientific imagery is an extension of knowledge that reveals ideological and ethical frameworks, which risk cloaking aspects of the reality they aim to represent. She is particularly interested in the sky and stars as a landscape that expose current socio-political contradictions and knowledge gaps. While her work is based on historical facts, data and visuals, she consistently mixes this with speculative imagery, adapting tools and techniques to present alternative potentialities.

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Courtesy Amélie Bouvier and Harlan Levey Projects