Rising Carpet


Multimedia sculpture

The work Rising Carpet is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional prayer mat. Indeed, the flying prayer mat symbolizes both the physical and spiritual elevation. It denounces the idiosyncrasy of post-colonial and orientalist visions.

This mesmerizing work fulfils an old child’s dream: the carpet flies thanks to a drone, an engine normally used to make aerial shots and which is also a characteristic tool of the various current wars. Here, the magic is replaced by technology, which causes the viewer contradictory feelings, between fascination and insecurity.

Rising carpet, Moussa Sarr, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018 © Pierre Gondard

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Moussa Sarr (FRA)

French photographer and video performance artist Moussa Sarr inserts himself into his own art pieces to tackle the themes of difference and sociocultural stereotypes, and to take them down using wit and self-deprecation. This is to draw reactions from the audience and to lead them to reflect upon profound subjects tackled in a light-hearted and ironic way.

Credits & mentions

Courtesy: Moussa Sarr
Co-production: Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditérranée
Engineering and management: Vé Production