Interactive virtual reality installation

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

Taking as a starting point a real object, a paving stone, the work recreates through its virtualization the story of a revolution that is always – and at the same time, never – taking place.

The work is in two parts. First comes the presentation of a square metre of ‘Parisian’ paving stones. Paving is what constitutes the street, it allows for travel (in this case virtual since we can’t walk on it). Also, the pavement became the symbol of May 68. ‘Under the pa- vement, the beach’. The second part of the installation is located inside a VR device, where we can see the virtual modelling of the paving stones.

They have been digitally scanned in 3D, and these images are confronted with the real paving stones they document. A recurrent visual motif of revolution,the real pavement and its virtual image allow us to make a poetic parallel between the revolution of thought induced by scientific discoveries and the revolution of people.

Practical information


09 nov. – 09 déc. 2018

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Florian Schönerstedt (FRA)

Florian Schönerstedt, born in 1982 in Draguignan, lives and works in Nice. He works in animation, from which he draws many of his techniques. The artist bases his ap- proach on collections of objects, which become the raw material for his films and installations. In an exhaustive way, he scans or photographs each object of a collection to obtain its imprint.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Co-production Le Hublot