DISNOVATION.ORG WITH Baruch Gottlieb, Clémence Seurat, Julien Maudet & Pauline Briand

The beginning of this century was the theatre of a radical transformation of public sensibilities around issues such as climate breakdown, the collapse of biodiversity, and their multiple geo-political and social consequences.

Through a series of prototypes for eco-political reorientation, the exhibition Post Growth questions the ideological, social and physical components that precipitated the current crises, and seeks to stimulate practices and imaginaries beyond economic growth.

The series of works presented proposes to envision a social metabolism attuned to the material, energetic and living qualities of the biosphere, drawing on notions from ecofeminism, environmental accounting, decolonial studies and hacking.

At the intersection of art, science and activism, this exhibition invites us to explore prototypes of strategic games to decolonize the doctrines of economic growth, to explore alternative paths, and to examine the radical consequences of an economic model reconnected with elemental sources of energy coming from the Sun.

An exhibition coproduced by CHRONIQUES, Biennale of Digital Imagination, 3 bis f – contemporary arts place and IMAL.

© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD
© Gregoire EDOUARD

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DISNOVATION.ORG is an artist led action-research collective founded in 2012 by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. They develop interdisciplinary inquiries and practices involving artists, anthropologists, philosophers, activists, engineers, architects, designers and hobbyists.

At the crossroads between contemporary art, research and hacking, the collective creates situations of debate, speculation and disturbance, that challenge dominant ideologies such as techno-solutionism and infinite growth, and foster post-growth imaginaries and practices. Their research includes artworks, curation and publications. In 2015, they edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy. In 2018 they received a Design Trust Grant for research on China’s copycat and grassroots innovation culture (shanzhai). In 2019, they were visiting researchers at the University of California, Irvine for research on post-growth and eco-politics.

Their work has been presented internationally including: Centre Pompidou (Paris), Transmediale (Berlin), the Museum of Art and Design (New York), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), FILE (Sao Paulo), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Strelka Institute (Moscow), ISEA (Hong Kong), Elektra (Montreal), China Museum of Digital Arts (Beijing), and the Chaos Computer Congress (Hamburg)… Their work has been featured in: Forbes, Vice, Wired, Motherboard, Libération, Die Zeit, Arte TV, Next Nature, Hyperallergic, Le Temps,, Digicult, Gizmodo, Seattle Weekly,, and Filmmaker Magazine among others.


Baruch Gottlieb is an artist researcher and curator. He currently teaches Philosophy of Digital Art at the Berlin University of the Arts and Data Epistemology at the Technical University of Brandenburg. He is a member of the artist collectives Telekommunisten and Arts & Economic Group. He is the author of A Political Economy of the Smallest Things (ATROPOS 2016) and Digital Materialism (Emerald 2018).


Clémence Seurat is a curator and editor, she investigates the fields of reflection and action related to political ecology. She was a member of the Speap art and politics experimentation program. She co-founded the COYOTE collective and the 369 publishing house. Within the Sciences Po Medialab, she designs programs and edits content for FORCCAST.


Julien Maudet designs board games as a tool for social interaction. He creates political and satirical entertainment devices based on recent political and social events.


Pauline Briand is a journalist and a writer interested in the livings. For Billebaude, Usbek and Rica or the National Museum of Natural History, she wrote about myxomatosis, the forests and climate change, the disappearance of insects, bears, the evolution of life, and anthropology beyond the human. She is involved in several research programs at the crossroad between journalism, art and earth policies.

Credits & mentions

Authors:  DISNOVATION.ORG with Baruch Gottlieb, Clémence Seurat, Julien Maudet & Pauline Briand. 

Production: iMAL
Coproduction : CHRONIQUES, Biennale of Digital Imagination and 3 bis f, contemporary arts place.

In co-production with the CHRONIQUES platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region, the city of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris, coordinated by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.

Supports: Production Intérieure Brute (Tours), ArTeC (Paris), La Labomedia (Orléans), University of California (Irvine), Université Catholique de Louvain, supported by CNC (Dicréam).