Perpétuité II

FELIX LUQUE-SANCHEZ, Damien Gernay et Vincent Evrard

Installation and visual art

Here is a dream that haunts us: an industrial robot finds itself in its pharmaceutical production line in front of a tray filled with thousands of pills, these are “legal” drugs, sleeping pills, antidepressants… It moves at full speed, but with great precision, and it positions the pills not to put them in packets, but this time, to create some kind of pictures, paintings, computer abstractions. 

Industrial robots are now replacing us as masters of repetition, collaborative work, data and calculation. They are designed to perform repetitive tasks with almost absolute precision. They perform them without fatigue, without need, without hesitation and without questioning the reason. It is the mastery of automation, an inescapable synchronous symphony. But they also replace Sisyphus, condemned like him to repeat and undo a task to perpetuity.

For this exhibition project, we would like to stage robots in endless tasks guided by algorithms, in a kind of perpetual performance.

The imaginary that it carries is that of our realization through the technological dream. When human society faces extinction, the eternal becomes a new task for our machines, a utopia in a future purged of humanity. The myth of the Singularity looms…

© Felix Luque-Sanchez
© Felix Luque-Sanchez

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Damien Gernay (FR)


Conception: Félix Luque Sánchez, Damien Gernay et Vincent Evrard

Creation realized in coproduction with the platform CHRONIQUES CREATIONS, supported by the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the City of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris.

A coproduction of CHRONIQUES and “secteur arts numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” and iMAL.”