An hourglass is filled with dark colored water. When turned upside down, the water slowly fades out the light of the lamp beneath. 

Nightfall simulates nightfall in an indoor space and creates an artificial experience of an everyday natural phenomenon: nightfall.

By isolating the concept of ‘darkening’ and simulating it in the space of a museum, a collective experience is created where a group of people spend time together and slowly lose sight of each other.

© Ief Spincemaille
© Ief Spincemaille

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Ief Spincemaille (BEL)

The work and career of Ief Spincemaille span different disciplines: visual art, design, performance, and different genres of work. The artist enjoys exploring the borders between these different fields. He plays with form and pre-existing frameworks, not just for the fun of it but indeed out of a need to produce new forms which better satisfy his imagination.

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Atelier Ief Spincemaille, 2022

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