Interactive Installation

Production CHRONIQUES 2018

‘Muted’ is a virtual reality experience that plunges us into childhood memories.

We experiencing a weightless fall of 700 meters, into the depths, across the ramifications of the past. In a poetic universe made of drawings, we discover the story of two abandoned girls. With no esta- blished narrative, everything intertwines in this story, as memories do.

This experience mixes emotional and physical sensation, vivdly evoking feelings of abandonment through a sen- sation of weightless falling. ’Muted’ is not a virtual reality film, but a six degrees of freedom experience that allows you to be fully integrated into its universe.

It is poetry and sensoriality that guide the way. Neither totally video game, nor play, nor 360 film, the work offers a sensitive examination of the identity and construction of memories.

Practical information


09 nov. – 15 déc. 2018

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Christophe Monchalin (BEL)

Christophe Monchalin is an artist and motion graphic designer, based in Brussels. He graduated in 2004 as an engineer from the Institut Méditerranéen d’Étude et Recherche en Informatique et Robotique. His digital practice focuses on visual and interactive arts, and his artistic research focuses on human beings and their feelings. At the same time, he has continued his studies in Chinese medicine in the P.R. China, becoming a quali- fied acupuncturist at the Chinese Academy of Medicine in Beijing in 2011. Today his artistic approach is enriched by all these experiences.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
With support from Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

With help from : La Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Le BRASS – Centre Culturel de Forest, La Maison du peuple, Commune de Saint-Gilles, Le Centre culturel Bruxelles Nord – Maison de la création et La Raffinerie / Charleroi Danses.

Distribution : Kanal Centre Pompidou – Bruxelles, Inters- tices – Caen