Modernological Urbanscape

HUNG Wei-Hsuan


As digital technology has developed, virtual reality now enables us to upload consciousness into the space within the viewing device. The question of “Where do I exist?” has been blurred by the technology of “digital twin” that exists in the cloud.

This project focuses on the creation of a digital twin for the spatial perception from reality and virtualization. The interpellation of a spatial site provides a material basis for memory to live on, and the traces and marks left by different time periods in the site offer later observers to read the site from different angles.

Through this project, Huang Wei Hsuan has observed the architectural style of different periods and their varying spatial functions. This aspect differs from the overly rationality that underlies the handling of materials when creating a virtual environment in the sense that he hopes to convey his personal feelings and expand the scope of the audience’s self-driven narratives when experiencing the work.

© Pierre Gondard
© Huang Wei Hsuan
© Pierre Gondard
© Pierre Gondard

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Huang Wei-Hsuan (TWN)

Huang Wei-Hsuan’s works seek to create conversation between audiovisual and projection, aiming to trigger the imagination of audiences. Since 2016 onward, he has started focusing on using digital photography and modeling for the configuration of space that used to exist or only exists in one’s imagination.

The approach allows him to reconstruct the evolving relations between past and present, imagination and reality as well as people and their inhabiting environment. He launched “The Modernological Project of Immersive Elapsing Images” in 2018 to analyze and test the possibility of converting and representing graphic sequences in past motion images as volume and structure. This attempt explores the dialogue between image and space, how routes in past space merge with memory, and physical movement while analyzing the potentiality of representing and re-experiencing the spaces and scenes in various movies.

He was invited to participate in Centquatre Paris, NTMOFA Digital Arts Exhibition, YIRI ARTS Gallery and several other events. His works were presented in National Theater & Concert Hall and featured in various theatre works. He is currently a full-time media creator based in Taipei Taiwan.

Credits & mentions

This project is kindly supported by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.