Augmented reality experience

Just your average day in 2040. Your personal assistant, MOA, lovingly tracks you everywhere you go. How long until you fight back?

MOA, My Own Assistant, is an interactive augmented-reality story. Welcome to 2040. You have put your life in the hands of an OS which knows you by heart. Decisions, relationships, purchases: everything has become simple. It gently guides you through all the stimuli that unfold around you. Place your trust in it and earn citizen points: rack up enough and you can unlock the Premium plan.

Science fiction? If only!

Special Jury Prize, Forum des Images 2020

© Pierre Gondard
© Pierre Gondard
© Pierre Gondard

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Charles Ayats (FRA)

Author and designer, Charles Ayats designs interactive experiences to facilitate the transmission of knowledge, such as Type:Rider, He participated in the design of several web-documentaries for ARTE (Phi, Tati Express, Speedfarming 2050, Check-In, Pas si Bêtes les Animaux). He adapted the comic strip SENS by Marc-Antoine Mathieu and continued his exploration of virtual realities with « The Scream » and 7 Lives, multi award-winning experimental fiction.

Franck Weber (FRA)

Sound designer and composer, Franck Weber designs sound systems for non-linear places and works: video games, connected objects and interactive installations. He is a member of the experimental video game collective One Life Remains and participates as author and sound director in the creation of immersive works (Sens VR, The Scream VR, 7 Lives).

Alain Damasio (FRA)

Alain Damasio’s first long fiction was La Zone du Dehors, a futuristic novel dealing with a model of society under control on a democratic model. He was rewarded with the Grand Prize of Imaginary Writing in 2006, with La Horde du Contrevent, quoted as a must-read of French sci-fi books. He co founded the video game company DontNod In 2008. He lends his voice to Bora, a piece of music by Rone. In 2009, he wrote La Rage du Sage a poetic and political essay on our times, for the free single of the group Sliver. He published Les Furtifs in 2020 and collaborated with Yan Péchin in an album called Entrer dans la couleur.

Franck Deslias (FRA)

Frederic Deslias founded his company Le Clair obscur in 2001 and worked as a composer and sound creator. He collaborated with David Bobée, Médéric Legros, Eric lacascade and worked for several cinema soundtracks. His work is now progressively moving towards interactive installations and sensitive travels (Décadrages, Exo Territoires, Softlove). He participated as co-author to MOA and made a theatrical adaptation of Les Furtifs in 2020.

Credits & mentions

MOA is an adaptation of the novel Les Furtifs by Alain Damasio.
Production : Red Corner, France Télévisions, La Volte, Le Clair Obscur, Small Studio, Le Forum des images and the CHRONIQUES platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region, the city of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris, coordinated by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.
With the support of the CNC et Normandie Images.