Hybrid live performance

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

Biology, technology and human creativity are Hiroaki Umeda’s allies in his brand new creation MEDIAN, driven by a singular ambition: to make flesh dance like matter in motion, in fusion with other matter.

The choreographic gesture is all the more striking because the entire show – dance, video and sound – is derived from microscopic structures that are inconceivable to the human brain. There is an apparent paradox here – but not for Hiroaki Umeda, who aspires to a techno-spiritual fusion of the body with its environment.Image and sound emerge here through a compuerised process, based on data collected from molecular structures and their kinetic energy.

This is why he surrounds himself with four visual artists and two scientists,with the objective of an organic fusion of the two spheres, as close as possible to the scale of atoms and quarks. This is how dance can take the first step towards the dissolution of the body and of space.

Median, Hiroaki Umeda, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Hiroaki Umeda (JAP)

Hiroaki Umeda is a Japanese contemporary dancer, choreographer and visual artist. He founded his dance company in 2000, with which he began developing his own transdisciplinary works.Today,he is one of the leading figures of the avant-garde Japanese scene; his holistic methodology and the strong influence of the digital make his work widely recognized and respected. He considers dance to be not only made up of physical elements but also of optical, sonic, sensory and, above all, spatio-temporal elements. His main interest lies in the work of spatial and temporal dimensions. Beyond choreography, Umeda explores sound and light composition, and scenography.


This show is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
In co-production with the Ballet Preljocaj and the Sco- pitone Festival.

Distribution : Théâtre National du Liberté – Toulon