Paysage Souple



Hexalab have brought in audiovisual filmmaker Ulysse Lefort who, after rising to fame for several of his collaborative ventures, will run an unprecedented video mapping project based on deep learning, with musical support from artist Tryphème.

During a still, autumn night, a wandering oddity embeds itself into the stones of the Church of La Madeleine, spreading through it for a short moment. Plumes of elemental vapours are born and come to dance around this celestial structure. They provide fertile ground to lush greenery that is home to mysterious wildlife, before entering the throes of increasingly intense changes in state to finally seize control of a calm, night-time ocean which, after cooling gently, hides from view by steadily weaving in and out the stones of the building, leaving it, and departing.

Paysage Souple © Ulysse Lefort

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Tryphème (FRA)

Tiphaine Belin, born May 7, 1993, originally from Drôme. The music of Tryphème is one that manages to resonate in the soul the few sensitive strings that we still have left. The strength of this autodidact, now based in Paris, lies in the emotional power of a hybrid music navigating between Experimental, Industrial and Ambient.

Revealed by a first album in the form of a compilation, Online Dating, released in 2017 on CPU Records and which led her to a Boiler Room Sheffield overseen by the Warp label, she has since continued to open up new leads. Her program “Dame de Cœur” on LYL Radio is one of them, which reveals to us the always subtle results of her music-loving research. Thanks to the support program of the FGO-Barbara Center, she was also able to build a live of her own, where energies mingle in the same way as the arts. His second album, Thanks God for Air Emotions is yet another indicator of his obsession with music on the surface, an unfiltered conductor of his feelings towards ours.

Crédits & mentions

Visual creation : Ulysse Lefort
Sound creation : Tryphème

Production : Hexalab
Coproduction : Chroniques
With the support of the city of Aix-en-Provence within the framework of the 5th season, Biennale of art and culture 2022.