Electro-mechanical installation

The Telepaths is an installation that explores spaces of somnolence, hypnotic or comatose states. It questions the common grounds between the materiality of our conscience and  the machines that we shape at the image of our neuronal activity.

The Telepaths proposes to explore these spectral states through the neuronal activity of people who are in a state of deep coma by imagining a «telepathic device» where their electrical activity irradiates and navigates in the form of waves and sounds. It imagines a sort of collective parallel conscious, a spectral world formed by our electromagnetic and psychic activity. 

Work in progress © Claire Williams

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Claire Williams (BEL)

The artworks of Claire Williams take the form of woven antennas, glass sculptures filled with plasma or devices that sense the invisible.

Data of radio telescopes and scanners materialise themselves in knitted stitches, sound vibrations or through luminous plasma. She sculpts her electronic components to make visible the electromagnetic movements from the cosmos, through our magnetosphere, to radio waves that cross our terrestrial environment or the ones emanating from our bodies.

She is currently working on the exploration of ether, at the cross roads of experimental and occult science practices. In this way she explores our relationship to the world of the invisible and their instruments by reviving abandoned leads of certain scientific and researches of the mid 19th century.

Credits & mentions

Creation realized in coproduction with the platform CHRONIQUES CREATIONS, supported by the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the City of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris.

In coproduction with “Secteur Arts Numériques, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” and the support of Fondation Vasarely.

Collaborations : Coma Science Group Liège (Alice Barra), Giga Consciousness, Baptiste de la Gorce, Oktostudio, glass production by the students of Lycée Dorian : David Valls, Cécile Chevalier, Frédérique  Dupuis,  Natacha  Gabrielli, Caroline Ghounaris, Marouan Glad, Dorian  Le Thuaut, Anne-France Lemoine, Lauriane  Nancy, Liam Ngangue, Léane Parison, Maxence Seasseau.