Les Jardins Cybernétiques


Plastic and video installation

Creation CHRONIQUES 2020

Technoscientific modernity has disrupted the relationship humans have with life and the environment in which they live. Les jardins cybernétiques installation provides an overview of these disruptions and highlights the consequences for the development of contemporary societies.

The project shows how our mental representations of living things have been transformed by the dissemination of digital technologies in the environment and how, in turn, these technologies play a part in reshaping it.

Les jardins cybernétiques is centered on a short film of computer generated images aiming to reframe these historical issues. It is accompanied by several modules highlighting the growing role of IT in environmental regulation and its imaginary: plant holding chrysalises, made of metal and plexiglass, emit sounds of nature disturbed, in the presence of visitors, by an electronic composition; a greenhouse shaped like a space capsule contains more vegetation; all in the presence of models of plants species (as 3D prints and computer rendered images) that have disappeared since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

© Donatien Aubert
© Donatien Aubert
© Donatien Aubert
© Donatien Aubert
© Donatien Aubert

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Donatien Aubert (FRA)

Donatien Aubert is an artist, researcher and author. He produces hybrid works questioning in a technocritical perspective the sources of digital cultures.

He is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy and of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sorbonne University (PhD in comparative literature) and was a researcher for three years at EnsadLab (the Laboratory of the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs).

He has been exhibited in several biennials (Némo, Chroniques) and his work has been presented internationally (Taipei, Kyoto, Moscow, Lausanne, and Esch Belval in 2022, in Luxembourg). He is the winner of the CNAP photographic commission “Image 3.0” in 2020. He is represented by the Odile Ouizeman Gallery in Paris.

He is published by Éditions Hermann (Vers une disparition programmatique d’Homo sapiens?, 2017) and has participated in scientific works, such as L’art de la mémoire et les images mentales (2018), by Éditions du Collège de France.

Credits & mentions

Design, writing and realization of the project: Donatien Aubert
Narrator: Anne-Sophie Bailly
Sound recording: Melodium Studio, Montreuil

Creation produced by CHRONIQUES, Biennale of Digital Imagination, imagined by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.