La Caresse


Live audiovisual

La Caresse is a musical and scenographic project telling the story of one of the Nyx’s children, a vampire, who transgressed the boundaries of the realm of dreams by coming to wander in the realm of daylight.

He transforms and corrupts all matter, living or inanimate, with which he comes into contact, gradually depriving things of their own essences to allow his own to penetrate them. He thus carries, along his wanderings, the world towards the darkness of a uniform, cold and sterile nightmare.

After spreading his terrible veil over this world, time finally brings him at nightfall to the threshold of a lonely dwelling, the last place spared. This dwelling shelters Nyx, his mother, in the form of an earthly avatar, who was waiting for him. The latter punishes him and returns this lost child to nothingness, then makes this world disappear in order to allow the birth of a new one within the night.

© Tryphème
© Tryphème

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Tryphème (FRA)

Tiphaine Belin, born May 7, 1993, originally from Drôme. The music of Tryphème is one that manages to resonate in the soul the few sensitive strings that we still have left. The strength of this autodidact, now based in Paris, lies in the emotional power of a hybrid music navigating between Experimental, Industrial and Ambient.

Revealed by a first album in the form of a compilation, Online Dating, released in 2017 on CPU Records and which led her to a Boiler Room Sheffield overseen by the Warp label, she has since continued to open up new leads. Her program “Dame de Cœur” on LYL Radio is one of them, which reveals to us the always subtle results of her music-loving research. Thanks to the support program of the FGO-Barbara Center, she was also able to build a live of her own, where energies mingle in the same way as the arts. His second album, Thanks God for Air Emotions is yet another indicator of his obsession with music on the surface, an unfiltered conductor of his feelings towards ours.

Ulysse Lefort (FRA)

Born in 1984 in Paris, Ulysse Lefort oriented himself during his studies towards animation, 3D, work around interactivity and between image and sound. This led him to learn tools such as Pure Data and VVVV at first, then during its rise as an environment of creation and and experimentation around the imagery, Deep Learning. In parallel to this research, which leads him to work on scenographic projects within the collective Quart Avant Poing with the collective Souk Machine, Pedro Winter or today Tryphème, he co-directs short animation films.

Credits & mentions

Trypheme: writing, composition, interpretation
Ulysse Lefort: writing, scenography
Th3ology: choreography
Camille Rolin / Rouge Cendre: costumes
Yohann Henry: sound design
Yann Champelovier: lighting design

Creation realized in coproduction with the platform CHRONIQUES CREATIONS, supported by the DRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the City of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris. Delegated production: Bipôle.