Alexandra Radulescu
& Annabelle Playe


Production CHRONIQUES 2020

Krasis, from the ancient Greek word, is the action of mixing or intertwining two or more things while keeping their quality intact. Movements, synchronies, offsets, overlaps.. Time becomes the canvas on which Krasis is composed.

This notion redefines man’s place inside of the universe, while all of its components, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, are reconsidered. It is a question of altering our viewpoint towards the world, from being human to “being worldly”, a body that takes into account its surroundings – a living being embedded into the world. The world exists in all of its component bodies and each body is capable of transforming the world.

The mixing that is specific to the krasis state is also the breathing of the world, the atmosphere, the overall gasp of living matter, in which we breathe and in which we are immersed. This state has an effect on our relationship to time, and thus, to eternity. Krasis is an interactive performance. Each of the artists is working in a different media, but playing is interactive. By using a number of controllers connected to their respective devices, the actions of each are translated into information in both media. This allows for a dialogue between image and sound.

The information flowing between the two systems is translated into meaningful changes describing a unified audiovisual composition and developing a common narrative. For example, the properties of the visual elements – appearance, movement, variations of surface and volume of the bodies appearing on the screen – are each associated to a specific sound print, like all bodies are in reality.

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Alexandra Radulescu (ROU)

Alexandra Radulescu is a media artist and designer with a focus on interactive and immersive experiences. Working at the intersection between media art, technology and design, she is driven by a desire to consolidate and extend our relationship to technology through tangible and gesture based interfaces.

She strives to create experiences that are focused, clear and uncluttered, but also playful, evocative and expressing identity. She appeals to the imagination of her audience, to their emotions and their creativity, addressing their attention but also the pleasure of moving their bodies.

Annabelle Playe (FRA)

Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist. She enjoys exploring voice, sound, video and writing. She studied classical singing and composition with Sergio Ortega in Paris. She is a soprano and she interprets contemporary music. Today, she plays electronic and experimental music in France and abroad.

Her live music is based on a setup made of synthesizers and modulars. Her compositions are oscillating between electronic, drone, noise and electroacoustic music. Her musical research develops on the physicality of sound, on timbre. She wishes to create another temporality through the musical structures in her works.

Credits & mentions

Production : AnA Compagnie

In co-production with the CHRONIQUES platform, supported by the Regional Council of the South Region, the city of Marseille and the French Institute in Paris, coordinated by SECONDE NATURE and ZINC.

Co-productions :

  • GMEM CNCM Marseille
  • Scènes Croisées de Lozère

Financial supports : DGA (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Occitanie), SACEM, CNC (Dicréam), Région Occitanie, Département Lozère.