Infection series : Commensalism


Plastic artwork

Infection Series : Commensalism is based on the concept of viruses, which infect family members and friends one after another.

Viruses and foreign bacteria quickly multiply throughout the human body. Over time, the body is gradually overtaken. There is nothing that anyone can do but to let this happen, as microbes produce rapidly and conquer territory. From one, they become two, then four, then 16, …replicating exponentially. For such organisms, this may be a primitive method of survival. But, for the infected host, this may mean gradual death.

The way that humans face disease resembles the relationships between the earth and humans and between the environment and technology. This can be likened to two cultures of different sizes and strengths invading and pillaging one another.

Infection Series : Commensalism is a work that features fluorescent lamps and live plants that change as they grow, calling attention to the beautiful and cruel relationship between them. There is life on one side and death on the other.

© Chuang Chih-Wei
© Chuang Chih-Wei

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Born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1986, CHUANG Chih-Wei holds an M.S. in Science in Architecture from National Chiao Tung University and an MFA in New Media Arts from Taipei National University of the Arts. With the training in fine arts and architecture, CHUANG excels in creating interactive installations with light and space, which address the relationship between human beings and the environment. Exploring possibilities in cross-disciplinary methodology with an aesthetics that emphasizes both rationality and sensibility has always been a central feature to his works.

CHUANG was selected for the artist-in-residence program at Tokyo Wonder Site in 2014 and the National Taichung Theater in 2019-2020. He was one of the artists showcased in “Made in Taiwan- Young Artist Discovery” by the Ministry of Culture in 2016. He was awarded an Honorable Mention in Taipei Arts Award and was one of the artists selected to take part at Digital Art Festival Taipei in 2015; in addition, he has also been invited to the PyeongChang Biennale, East-Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition “Botanica” (Busan), Taiwan Biennial(Taichung) and Roppongi Art Night (Tokyo). He is currently a lecturer in the Department of New Media Art of Taipei National University of the Arts.

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This project is kindly supported by Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab.