In times of peace – Drone Memorial



Drone Memorial commemorates drones fallen in action.

A GPS records the location of the monument and updates it publicly at Any drone can point towards the coordinates of the Drone Memorial, wherever it is located, and mourn fallen drones. The sculpture is made of mirrored acrylic and replicates the shape of the Predator model, developed by General Atomics, one of the primary unmanned aerial vehicles deployed by theUS Air Force and CIA.

In times of peace – Drone Memorial, IOCOSE, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018 © Pierre Gondard

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This collective, active since 2006, focuses on dystopic worlds. They explore the likely breakdowns of future civilisations by looking into the technological and cultural developments, positive and negative, that these civilisations themselves will instigate. IOCOSE think that in the long term, future technological societies will disappoint and subside to underwhelming realities. This collective draws inspiration therefore from how the world of today talks about the future.

Credits & mentions

Engineering consultancy: Ian Guy
Video on Celeste Lombardi and Francesco Lascari