Élisabeth Caravella


Howto is a video tutorial in which her creator learns us how to make a 3D text. But quickly, her undertaking get complicated, the software become out of control, she discovers that she is no more alone.

© Elisabeth Caravella
© Pierre Gondard
© Elisabeth Caravella

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Elisabeth Caravella (FRA)

Élisabeth Caravella is a French artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Paris. Self-taught, she interests from her adolescence by video, net art and computer graphics. A graduate of the European School of Image, Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Fresnoy, her work, inspired by cybernetic culture, is boundary between contemporary art and cinema.

In exhibition or in festival (Shanghai Pearl Museum, La Géode, Festival Premiers Plans, Festival Indielisboa, Palais de Tokyo, Liste Art Faire Basel, CENTQUATRE, Gaité Lyrique, etc.), she makes video installations as well as experimental fictions carried by perform reinterpretations of codes and hybridity of genres such as Anonymous phone call (2009) a “photoshop film”, A story without drama (2012) a documentary fiction, Howto (2014) a cinematographic tutorial several rewarded or Krisis (2019), machinima at the mark between FPS and virtual reality.

In 2019, Elisabeth participates in the cyber-feminist exhibition Computer Grrrls and adapted Howto in an immersive installation.

Credits & mentions

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio National des arts contemporains
Partner : Avec le soutien de la fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Direction : Elisabeth Caravella
Motion capture : Studio Mocapab
Choregraphy : Aina Alegre
Voice : Elisabeth Caravella
Pictures and editing : Elisabeth Caravella
Editing et sound mix : Thomas Fourrel