Cinzia Campolese

Audiovisual installation

In 2006, when the International Astronomical Union modified the criteria to define planets, the count of recognized planets in the solar system dropped from nine to eight. 

HMPITSS is an installation that explores the concept of classification and the desire for control pertaining to it. The piece consists of eight reflective screens onto which are projected four thematic sets of evolving visual symbols, inspired by the different criteria used to define planets: birth, self-awareness, doubt, and hope. 

HMPITSS, Cinzia Campolese, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018

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Cinzia Campolese (ITA)

Cinzia C. is an artist living and working in Montreal, whose work is tied to the art of new media and immersive art installations. She places an emphasis on the creation of audiovisual environments, particularly involving the use of projected light.

Credits & mentions

Sound design by Rupert Rose
With the support of CALQ