According to Japanese tradition, HARA refers to the seat of one’s emotions and the deep part of the sentient being and is also the principal source of one’s vital life force. ​​It is this spiritual essence, this fundamental vitality which Guillaume Marmin and Frédéric Marolleau have sought to reproduce through an immersive light matter projection. It is an internal experience that draws upon hypnosis, active contemplation, the tangibility of the sound and our thirst for abstraction.

For this exhibition, the device used for the installation has been enlarged and adapted to the dimensions of the Église des Frères Prêcheurs to harmonise with the architecture of the building.

Within this imposing setting, the piece plays with the limits of our perception and summons up new mental projections.


From 8th to 24th October 2021
Eglise des Frères Prêcheurs, Arles
7pm-10pm (from Wednesday to Sunday)

© Guillaume Marmin

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Credits & mentions

An installation designed by CHRONIQUES for the Church of the Frères Prêcheurs of the City of Arles with the support of the Département des Bouches-du-Rhône.

Design: Guillaume Marmin
Sound design: Frédéric Marolleau
Technical direction: Maël Pinard
Coproduction: YAM & TETRO+A
Exhibition path Hello Darkness – Marseille / Arles 2021

Exhibition in the framework of Octobre Numérique Faire Monde, an event supported by the Communauté d’agglomération Arles Crau Camargue Montagnette.