NOV. 11 > DEC. 4, 2022

Open from Wed. to Sun. : from 3pm to 7pm

Nocturnes on Nov. 11 and 12

Opening in the presence of the artist Nicolas Mongermont : Nov. 11, 2022 from 5 to 10 pm

Conference by Juliette Volcler and performance by Julia Hanadi Al Abed : Nov. 12, 2022 from 3pm to 2am

A program by Nicolas Montgermont and Elena Biserna.

Event on Nov. 12 by reservation only (limited capacity): contact@lab-gamerz.com





As part of the biennials Une 5ème Saison and Chroniques – Imaginaires Numériques, Lab-GAMERZ presents the artist Nicolas Montgermont following a research and production residency throughout the year around the original work Encagement. The installation will be presented in a new way, on the scale of the Venel Chapel.

Encagement is a space empty of any telecommunication, a white zone inspired by the methods of protection of electro-sensitive people to create a preserved “bubble”.

A grid architecture deployed in the chapel reflects the telephone waves like a mirror. The cell phones lose contact with the relay antennas and become isolated computer terminals: no more phone calls, SMS, Internet connection or notifications. The addictive design of the applications that pushes us to frequently consult our phone is defeated and we are freed from the unwanted sending of sounds, images and data captured by our phone without our knowledge.

Encagement guarantees a collective “radio safe zone”, a space of trust that frees us from the possibility of being disturbed and spied upon.

© Nicolas Montgermont
© Nicolas Montgermont

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Nicolas Montgermont (FR)

Nicolas Montgermont is a sound and radio artist who explores the physicality of waves in its various forms.

For more than 15 years, he has been designing artistic devices that explore the poetic essence of waves: resonance in a volume, vibration of materials, richness of invisible radio landscapes, musicality of interferences, antenna sculpture, listening and transmitting territory… and is currently developing a work on the links between radio art and politics.

He produces sound performances, installations, records and compositions, alone or in collaboration (chdhArt of FailureCécile BeauRYBNPali Meursault …) and participates in several sound and radio creation collectives (∏nodeYi King Operatorsles Sons FédérésJef Klakl’Acentrale). His projects are shown in numerous art centers, museums, concert halls and self-managed venues in Europe and elsewhere.

He teaches sound and multimedia creation at the ENS Louis Lumière and at the University of Paris 8.

Crédits & mentions

Production of the exhibition : Lab-GAMERZ.

Co-production of the installation Encagement : Uchronies, Lab-GAMERZ and La Labomedia.