Video Installation

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

In this video, Arash Nassiri questions our beliefs about the origin of civilizations by staging the conspiracy theories that flourish on the web.

He films the remains of the Parisian catacombs through a long corridor; we see sarcophagi, pterodactyl skeletons, and other anachronistic and in- comprehensible images. The scene is dark and bathed in a green halo, and the long, slow camera movement reinforces this disturbing and inhuman atmosphere.A man with a deep voice tells us about the supposed construction of the city of Paris.

Nevertheless, this video is a complete construction, made using 3D scanning, a tool appreciated in archaeology, but used here for its inverse purpose. The objects that we see have been digitised from the collections of the museums of Paris, such as the Museum of Paleontology and the Louvre. Here, the artist deprives them of their aesthetic functions,of their stories,to return them to a context which masquerades as archaeological.

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08 nov. 2018 – 06 janv. 2019

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Arash Nassiri (FRA-IRN)

Arash Nassiri is a Franco-Iranian artist born in Tehran in 1986. He lives and works in Paris. After a stint at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, an exchange in Berlin to study the relationship between art and technology, and a career at the Arts-Décoratifs in Paris in the study of photography andvideo,hefinishedhisstudiesattheprestigiousFres- noy de Tourcoing. Arash Nassiri uses places as frames to produce his work,in the manner of Land Art.These places can be very specific: a ruined building, or an entire city as in the TEHERAN-GELES video, where Los Angeles is used as a representation of Tehran.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Realised with the support from DICREAM – CNC Co-production,Edis – Fonds de Dotation,FRAC Provence- Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Production : Jonas Films
Distribution : CPH:DOX – Copenhague, Visions du réel – Nyon