Audiovisual performance

CHRONIQUES Production 2018

Coccolithes presents itself as a virtual and sound space that Élio Libaude offers us in the form of audiovisual live performance.

Coccolithes (coccolithophorids) are single-celled, exclusively marine algae that live mainly in cold regions such as Canada and the North Atlantic. The 40-minute performance allows us to observe the duality of the coccolith, to play with the levitation of the nanoplankton when it is subjected to ocean currents; to approach the different points of view offered by the nanoplankton, from the tiny to the gigantic; to create an immersive space where the spectator, for a few moments, is transported into another reality, subject to the sound and visual fluctuations induced by the coccolith.

Improvisation forms the basis of this performance, inters- persed with the vision of a monolith that is formed over time by the death of these organisms. The performance ends when the cliff is completed, as the complete cycle of these coccoliths draws to a close.

Practical information


nov. 2018

En tournée

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Élio Libaude (FRA)

Elio Libaude is a young artist from Marseille who recently graduated from the École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Pro- vence.Networks,technology and science are all avenues he explores in his artistic projects. His approach is based on forging links between human space and digital space.


This artwork is a creation of the Chroniques production and distribution platform.
Co-production Le Hublot.

Distribution : Device_art Festival – Zagreb, Modern & Contemporary Art Museum – Rijeka