Club Cabaret x Chroniques

peter van hoesen
birth of frequency

DJ Set

An eminent DJ, producer, and head honcho of his own label, Time to Express, Peter Van Hoesen is unequivocally a luminary in the field of contemporary techno. On stage, his sets blend techno, EBM, and electronica, occasionally giving a glimpse of his taste for new wave and post-punk.

A protégé of Zadig, an influential member of the Construct Re-Form label, a stalwart of the Unforeseen Alliance collective, and a spiritual descendant of Sandwell District and James Ruskin, Birth of Frequency will, as usual, play an energetic and polished DJ set which, over the course of the evening, will likely rekindle the drunkenness of the 90s.

Club Cabaret x Chroniques, Peter van Hoesen and Birth of Frequency, Biennale of Digital Imagination 2018 © Pierre Gondard

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Peter Van Hoesen (BEL)

The Belgian Peter Van Hoesen is thought of as one techno’s pioneers, though he has never been a typical techno DJ. Peter is someone who sculpts sounds for several different environments – the club, the home, the gallery, or even the museum – and he does so with true meticulousness. He releases layered compositions on his own label Time to Express and, alongside Yves de Mey, makes music to great acclaim as Sendai.

In performance terms, Peter plays dark and arresting techno sets as well as captivating and narrative live musical journeys. As such, he is renowned the world over for his great skill, creativity and flow, consistently translating his personality into his music.

Birth of Frequency (FRA)

A DJ with a nostalgic affection for the techno of the 90s, and a passion for an era that saw the birth of a raw, pure and incisive form of techno, Birth of Frequency aims, through his music, to express certain of his abstract thoughts and feelings. Above all (and always) a DJ, mixing live is for him the best way of ‘transitorily’ giving a definite form to his vision of techno. He asks questions of himself on a daily basis to deliver more and more personal and refined performances and productions. His music, simple and innocent, is a reflection of his personality. Polegroup, Construct Re-Form, Enemy or even Granulart Ltd.—so many renowned labels have opened their doors to him for him to express himself and evolve his music. Every cut is closely linked to the others. Each one of them conveys part of the story Birth of Frequency wants to tell.

Credits & acknowledgements

A Chroniques x Cabaret Aléatoire co-production